The Bless Band (Prophet R.D. Wiggins)

The Bless Band (Prophet R.D. Wiggins)

 Bronx, New York, USA

The Bless Band will keep you at the edge of your seat. Prophet Wiggins lead vocals touch your heart, Pulsating beats that move the audiences to Jump up and dance. Chord progressions that are fabulous. The band members take solos that let you know these guys aren't your everyday musicians.


Prophet R.D.Wiggins is a producer he has a knack for reinventing himself to progress with the times. His music always has a unique quality. He was born in Brooklyn NY To Aura Bernice Wiggins and Robert keith Wiggins. Mother played keyboards in the church and His father sang with do-wop groups of the 40's. Robert Wiggins jr. always was around music so his natural instinct for sound has matured to composition as well as music production. He has played with groups BT Express, Jazz Saxophonist Oliver Lake and Toured with Charlie Thomas and the Drifters for 15years. He has produced numerous albums, one of his Releases featured his Mother on an independent label called Rapture Records the album is called rise. his last album was called Soul Salvation a tradition gospel quartet album. Now he's taking it to another level with The Bliss Band a contemporary christian rock band. He's currently working on a new live album concept entitled commissioned to glory. The band members were formally singed to EMI under the name First Circle. This band is ready to tour and have the experience to make you venue or date a total success.

Anthony McEwan who goes by the name of TBone was born on April 30th 1960. He hails from the Bronx NY and has been involved a body of work that includes present membership as a Guitarist in the Bless Band. He recently concluded a concert with the Rev. Dr. Roberta Moore. TBone also played with the groups New Edition and First Church and was featured in the Christmas Album All For love. TBone gains inspiration from the bible verse Proverbs 14: 16.For a righteous man may fall seven times
And rise again
But the wicked shall fall by calamity.

Larry Marsden

Born on June 3rd 1953 in the tropical island of Trinidad, Larry Mardens has been playing music for 30 + years. Larry was part of the group 1st Circle and on the EMI record label. Under that label, a record was released in 1986. He contibuted to the sucess of the hit song "Working Up a Sweat" featured on this album which was widely received as the #1 club record in the summer of '87. Moreover, Mr Marsden played with the widely renowned Calypsonian The Mighty Sparrow for an impressive 10 years. Mr Marsden presently resides in Brooklyn NY and takes comfort in the scripture verse Matthew 7:12 Do unto other as you would have them do unto you.

Shanaya Scott

Shanaya who lives in the Bronx NY, is presently a soprano singer in the Bless band. She attends the Validus Servitoy Academy and was born on December 25th 1993. At just 10years old, Shanaya premier a Gospel Showcase and also sans with Vye Hagenson Gospel Team.She went on to sing "Fly Little Angel" in the Tyler Walker play. Still at the young age of 14, Shanaya participated in a concert for Christian Talk with host Stephanie Jefferson which received positve reviews. This young songstress gains strength in the Scripture verse Isaiah 54:17 No weapons forged against you shall prosper..

Chango EMI Recording- Artist First Circle, Family Stand, Funkadelic,Roy Aire, Tom Brown, Harlem River Drive, Bobby Humphrey, Sony Rollins, Angie Stone, Sam & Dave, Mike Mathews Electroharmonics, Carl Thomas, Wye clif, Paula Abdul,Sparrow,Super CAT,TITO PUENTE JUINIOR


Album Released 2009
Soul Salvation
Singles Released 2009-2010

Commissioned to Glory Live Album 2011

Jesus came over for Christmas

Devils Busy

Love Saved Me

Hello Love


Set List

Commissioned to Glory
All belongs 2 U
Catch you with your works undone
Faith is what it takes
Pray together
Love angel
Take residence in me
Soul Salvation
Joyous Praise
Let Jesus Fix
God loves you
Reggies song
Jesus is on the way
Jesus came over for Chistmas
The Devils Busy
Love saved me

Joyous Praise

Our God