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Prophis is the soundtrack to the digital revolution. Music to move you and inspire a new generation of music makers who are creating their own destiny.


Prophis represents a new breed of artist. Deriving his name from the television series "Stargate," it seems only fitting as his music is a futuristic hybrid of techno, break beats, and old school rapping.

Born Antonio Colangelo, Prohis was raised in Burlington, Vermont. Inspired by the earthy tones of his east-coast upbringing, Prophis found excitement in incorporating a natural harmony to the already popular sounds of Hip-Hop. It was through this art form that a shy boy from Vermont found his voice. As he started to experiment with sounds, Prophis slowly found a style of his own. Using a small yet sophisticated recording studio that he set up in his bedroom, Prophis started to lay down track after track, slowly becoming more engulfed in his own sounds. With the help of the Internet, he went on to collaborate with guest artists on his debut album, "Harmony in Chaos," without the artists even in the same room.

Constantly finding himself inspired by the Minneapolis underground music scene, Prophis found himself moving to the Twin Cities to pursue what he calls "music at its purest."

In short, Prophis has become the soundtrack to the digital revolution. In a day and age when the entire music industry has become consumed under a digital umbrella, he is an artist that uses new ways to create uniqueness that cannot be corralled into a single category. Quite simply, it is music to move you and inspire a new generation of music makers to create their own destiny.



Written By: Prophis

[Verse one]

I never levitated higher when I stay creative
Asphyxiated with my eyes staying dilated
I know you're wasted, but the lovers hover in the matrix
We cover- all the hatred through the love we'll make it

It ain't a thing but the work of natural selection
I'm working for it baby maybe I can be your best friend
With our powers combined, we'll take them one at a time
With our powers combined, we can see the sun shine.


Ooo, girl you better turn when I (shine)

[Verse two]

When I shine like that.
When I shine like you.

Yeah Yeah
I said You, yeah yeah.

There's only one thing to do when the leaves all fall
Off the trees in the fall
And the season is gone you-

Move along like it's just a protocol
Like belief was down the hall
Get on your feet you're standing tall dog.

You know you got it when the beat goes bump
And you feel your heart thump like
Uh hu uh uh

Deliver passion with the work of automatic habit
Ain't no need to climb it cuz I'm flying through the sky to shine

Who's me?
I wanna shine like you.
Who's me?
I wanna shine for you.
Who's me?
I wanna shine like you.
Who's me?
You know what I wanna do.


[Verse three]


I'm looking at the stars
And the planets from afar
Understanding who we are
'Fore I land it

Bizarre when I'm candid
Recharge after scanning
I start all my planning
Looking hard down the boulevard

Who's me?
When I shine like you.
Who's me?
I wanna shine for you.
Who's me?
I wanna shine like you.
Who's me?
The mirrored you.

Well I'm living in the canopy of
Existing and I see
To optimize the quality
Selective wise you gotta be

Out the normal boundary
More of this and constantly
Performing like a prodigy
Reborn through psychology



Harmony In Chaos - 2008