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Proph The Problem

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"Proph the Problem"

While thousands of other hip hop clones sell their souls to hit the blingy big-time, Proph the Problem stays true on The Proph LP. Look no further for proof than on the gospel-tinged "Let Me Do Me," in which the rapper proclaims, "I'm still stayin' the same, no changes involved."

Proph is also not afraid to dig deep. On cuts like "Find a Way" and "Like Mother Like Son," he gives shout-outs to his om, recounting stories about how she struggled ot provide for her boy during lean times. But more than anything, The Proph LP is an expression of an artist working all levels. - Proph even assumes a fierce battle stance on "Oh No!"
The CD oozes organic soul, with producers Lay-Z P, Yessur, and the late J. Dilla providing crisp drums, smooth samples, and tons of melody.

By Eddie Fleisher
October 31st, 2007 - Cleveland Scene Magazine


"The Proph LP... Welcome Back to Hip Hop"
"Hurt me" Prod. by D. Roof
"Ski Mask" Prod. by Brandon Bishop



Proph the Problem was born in and raised primarily in Cleveland, Ohio.
Product of teen-aged parents Proph was exposed at an early age to an
eclectic array of styles ranging from the 60's soul and 70's funk his
grandmother played, to the pop, rock, and hip hop that his mother,
aunts, and uncles had listened to. Proph the Problem's music is a
collage made up of the unique traits of the genres he was exposed to
early on birthing a diverse, and dynamic sound.

Proph the Problem's music can most accurately be described as
universal, versatile, or any synonym of those words. Though Proph's
music is able to relate, and connect to different kinds of audiences
there remains a constant standard of uncompromise. Proph's music is a
genuine reflection of what, where, and most importantly who Proph the
Problem is. "I'd assume that listeners would like to know me more
personally than to just hear my music and see pictures. I like to know
my favorite artists beyond the music. It's always interesting to me to
see what kinds of things make them who they are, and its fun to kind
of compare similarities." When the "record" button is pressed you can
wager your last dollar assured that the fruits will be nothing less
than the real Proph. "I don't see a reason in trying to sell you
something that isn't me. If I'm lying to you then I'm wasting my time
as well as yours."

Proph the Problem's music cannot be categorized to any one specific
sub genre of hip hop. "I write to the beats... Or should I say the
beats write to me. Combine the style of the track with the way I'm
feeling at that particular moment and that determines the style of
flow I use, the mood, and the subject matter. Since I don't feel the
same way 100% of the time the music isn't going to sound the same 100%
of the time." Though the music doesn't follow a formula there remains
a uniform quality... Undeniable appeal, and integrity.

Proph's voice, charisma, and seemingly effortless delivery often draw
comparisons to hip hop artist Jay-Z. Other popular comparisons include
artists such as Nas, Mos Def, Talib Kweli, Common, and Lupe Fiasco.
What sets Proph apart from this group is willingness to grow and explore
musically. Proph the Problem also writes RnB as well as Top 40 music
and has already had several placements as a songwriter.

Releasing his acclaimed debut "The Proph LP... Welcome Back to Hip
Hop" in June of 2007 Proph the Problem has already seen a nice share
of accolades and notoriety. Today he still excercizes the same focus
with his aim set on expanding his audience nationally. "When I first
came on to the scene my goal was to make sure that everyone in
Cleveland knew who I was, when that happened I wanted more... And knew
that I had what it what it took to make that happen." With the
constant drive to even further fine tune his music and distinguish a
signature sound it shouldn't be a surprise if you've heard of or heard
Proph the Problem's music already by the time you've read this.