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"Unconventional is the key: A Sauced New Years Eve Birthday Celebration"

Ah, the holiday season… for many the holidays bring cheer, gifts, and lots of good eats. For the rest of us, it is merely a prelude to the liberation of December 26th and consequently the countdown to the biggest party night of the year: New Years Eve!

This year all souls who harbor the guilt of credit card bills and pent-up family resentments can find reprieve at Sauced 2912 Paseo Drive in Oklahoma City. A night of heady music, friends, food and libations will be offered in celebration of the 2rd Birthday of Sauced coffee house, cafe, and local art venue.

Sauced has been hosting a variety of events in the Annex, a space adjacent to the patio, including live music, theatrical productions, and art shows. For this occasion, the second anniversary of the opening of Sauced, owner and operator Ed Baldwin has some exciting tricks up his sleeve. Sauced will be selling $1.00 beer all night long and there is a special on champagne bottles at midnight so you can pop one with your friends! Since this is a birthday celebration, free cake will also be served at the dawn of 2009.

In addition to the special menu items, Sauced is hosting three local bands that each specialize in experimental and psychedelic music styles. The Sleepless Continuum will kick off the party with a self-described ominous, ambient and aggressive collage of sound. Based in Norman, the trio consists of Eric Morse on drums and keys, Dylan Nagode on guitar and keys, and Brent Bugg on bass. The group is currently working on a debut EP, to be recorded at Zanzibar Studios, also located in Norman.

Also working with Zanzibar Studios is The Mysterium Tremendum(TmT). A stylized psychedelic/ art rock band formed in OKC early in 2008, TmT utilizes unique instrumentation and creative guitar styles enhanced by art installations. The music of TmT is created by Cordney Blaze on tap/rhythm guitar, percussion, and samples; Devon Garcia plays the Chapman Stick; David Smith on lead guitar; Topher Arico on drums, percussion, and electronics; and Kristopher Bruce on the Theremin. The art is contributed by Kristopher Bruce, Daniel Nusbaum, Amy Robinson, and Holly Blu. To balance the mixed influences of progressive and psychedelic rock, TmT has created a sound that forsakes the use of distortion in favor of newer synthetic psychedelic effects. A unique aspect of their music is the Chapman Stick. Only 5,000 exist on the planet and David Garcia plays the only known stick in Oklahoma. A 12 string all-fingerboard instrument, the Chapman Stick was invented by Emmet Chapman in 1974. A two-handed piano technique is applied directly onto the strings with a percussive effect not previously heard from any instrument in the guitar family. The Mysterium Tremendum mixes the stick and the theremin to serve up heaping helpings of rock to “help people realize their true divinity within by raising the consciousness of this planet and the people on it.”

Long live rock and roll!

Another band who is inspired to spread the joy of experiencing the unconventional are the Proprietors of the Earth (PoTE). Based in Norman, the Proprietors are Geoffrey Burch on vocals and keys; Fred Bidwell on guitar and electronics; Clement Silvers on bass; and Kris Dourrough on the drums. This four piece mixes electronic beats, sonic bass rhythms, and base-line rock n roll to create an experimental, progressive, multidimensional, no boundaries rock. The Proprietors have recently been working on their debut EP, OSOS, recorded at Silver Mine Studios in Norman. In the past year they have been working to successfully integrate a computer into the band for looping and processing. Their goal is allow radically different forms of music to exist simultaneously, offering people a model for coping with the overwhelming complexity of the modern world. Another project of the Proprietors involves creating community, which all three bands hold as a high priority in their musical journey. A collaborative project, is a site where a user can register and download high quality source files of music, video, and other media. The idea is for artists to submit and share their files using Creative Commons licensing to allow for creative application of the source files. You can visit the site now and download music from PoTE, Ghost of Monkshood, and more.

The New Year’s Eve Sauced is embracing the radical and the psychedelic, which is appropriate since we all hope that 2009 will be a year of change and innovation. Ring it in loud and long with The Sleepless Continuum, The Mysterium Tremendum, and the Proprietors of the Earth; entrance is only $5.00 and doors open at 7pm.

"Proprietors Of The Earth 09-20-2008"

09/20/2008 The Farm Norman, Ok

Set I:

Jam > Shadow Man, Hey Now > Habitual Residual, OSOS > Celestial Three, Candle In The Dark

Set II:

Sacrifice > Slim Combo > Space > Sacrifice, Three Vegans & A Camel, Firedancer > Howling Dogs, Chud Crunch > Looping Experiment #1


The show at the Farm was one in a million! The stage set-up was great, & the sound was perfect. The first set started off with a great jam that was just a hint at what was to come from the band! I can't really tell you which set i liked more, or which song or song combos I liked more because I really can't find a song or jam that I didn't like! If I was forced to pick my favorites from the first set, I would have to go with two pairs of songs. The first being "Hey Now>Habitual Residual", The second being "OSOS>Celestial Three", both showed off not only the raw awesome power of the band, but also how they can play so many different styles of music. The only thing the first set was missing in this fan's opinion was the tune "Sleep On It", but that's just me. (I love that tune)

The second set was just pure over the top mind bending insanity! I knew that we were all in trouble when the first song of the 2nd set was stretched into four different songs all strung together. The highlights of the second set for me would have to be "Firedancer>Howling Dogs", & "Chud Crunch". The first set of tunes was very trippy. I hate to use that word when describing music, but I can't really think of a better word to describe what I felt while it was being played. "Chud Crunch", however was like watching AC/DC on acid. This tune is so rock-in and out there that it is very hard to describe in words. Very heavy metal without the hair band feel.

I would love to hear what other people thought about the show, if you have any comments or a review, please feel free to share. I know that the band loves to hear feedback, bad or good.

"Proprietors of the Earth plays the Deli on Tuesday Oct. 23."

Briefing: Proprietors of the Earth Oct. 23

I have only been able to see this band once, but they are a local favorite for sure. They have a very eclectic taste that encompasses many genres to bring a psychedelic, trip-hop type feel to a "jammy" kind of progression. The music is fairly down-tempo for the most part, and they definitely get pretty funky at times. Overall this band is very innovative and fun to listen to. They try new things and most often it works. Check it out.


Live @ The Farm 09-20-2008
OSOS - 2009 Studio LP(unreleased)
To Be Released Fall 2009



The Proprietors of the Earth come across similar to an abstract painting. Their colors bleed and fade across the aural canvas simultaneously delivering both the gentle and the cacophonous.
Discontent with the notion that there is a need for genres, the Proprietors equate progression with a deviation from the norm. Drawing from a variety of influences, both obscure and otherwise, the Proprietors of the Earth attempt to cover the entire spectrum of sound with notes and noise and instruments and voices.
The music contains the profound, the simple, the gentle, and the abrasive. Utilizing various techniques ranging from sampling, looping, and synthesis, to raw bare-bones improvisation, their music becomes a potent fodder for the mind. Out of Norman Oklahoma, Clement Silvers (bass), Geoffrey Burch (keyboards), Fred Bidwell (guitar), and Kris Dorrough, (drums), care not whether their music is branded as "good" or "progressive." Instead, they are motivated by the seemingly insane drive to deliver a message through music that is all their own. Meanwhile obscuring the parallel between the size of the ensemble and the dynamic range and impact of its sound.
The Proprietors are here to reclaim the precious real estate that is the Earth and invite all to come along for the ride.

We are currently finishing work on two full length studio LP's for release summer and fall 2009. We also have been developing the first installment of the PoTE video game also due out around August 2009.

Along with independently recording our studio album and developing a video game we have also built a remix website - Based around community the site allows anybody to submit audio, video, blog, art, remixes, and so on. We have released source files for the song OSOS from a variety of sources - studio and every live performance of the song that is recorded is uploaded to the site for remix. Users can download all the source files and then remix into one, basically you can take different parts from different nights and mix into one, so if you don't like the guitar from a particular night you may use the recording from another night and so on, then re-post and allow other users to modify your work all based on a creative commons license.