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Baltimore, Maryland, United States | SELF

Baltimore, Maryland, United States | SELF
Band Hip Hop Rock


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"College Radio DJ Reviews"


CJUM - Brandon - Winnipeg, MB (University of Manitoba)
“4/5. The first thing I noticed about this record is that they are promoing with some serious product. This is a really nice package; plastic sleeve, full color jacket and label and a nice pressing on some heavy wax. It makes you shake your head further at major labels that service flimsy discs with the same track on both sides. The cover is a little hard on the eyes and many heads flipping through the crates might pass this one up on account of they don’t want to try and decipher the cover text, but for us heads it sets of alarm bells. Bricks to Bmore has that rolling production and an intense yet good feeling vibe. Lyrically this record is above average thanks in part to Tame One who surprisingly doesn’t appear to be the standout emcee he has been while guesting in recent years. Old School rules is a good counterpart to Bricks, something more mellow. There’s a little bit of contrast between the Pro & Reg flows which are amped and the more smoothed out beat (the first MC more than the second) but it’s all quality. Raspy might be my favorite joint though, one of those slower ill beat type tracks to play late in your show once you’ve gotten everyone’s attention. DJ participation is on point throughout this release too.”

CKCU - DJ Ducats - Ottawa, ON (Carleton University)
“I’ve run this on the show a couple times so far. Dig this one.

Joint One - Joey Slick - Tokyo, Japan (Commercial Station)
“We like. We have spun a few songs off of the 12”.”

KAZI - Nick Nack - Austin, TX (Community Station)
“Good to hear some new stuff from Tame. Nice production.”

KHQT - DJ SA - Los Cruces, NM (Commercial Station)
“Nice one! I’m blasting this off in NM!”

KSJS - Jaws - San Jose, CA (San Jose State University)

KSYM - Scuba Steve - San Antonio, TX (San Antonio College)
“Fresh boom bap track & the MCs are pretty fresh too. I like the aggressive feel of the track & it’s well versed from front to back. The first dude sounds a lot like the Lords of the Underground. Tame One has still got it & it’s always dope to hear him on the track, as I’m a fan for life.”


KUNM - DJ Kayote - Albuquerque, NM (University of New Mexico)
“The year is off to a banging start!!!! Digging the Pro and Reg!”

KWUR - Yoni - St. Louis, MO (Washington University – St. Louis)
“This is getting a great response at KWUR. All the hip hop DJs are playing it.”

KXLU - Mike Nardone - Los Angeles, CA (Loyola Marymount University)
“The Tame song is pretty good, I don’t love it but have been giving it some run.”

KZSU - DJ Cikee - Stanford, CA (Stanford University)
“Nice collabo with Tame One. Artifacts need to get back together!”

Mixtape - DJ Quickie Mart - Los Angeles, CA
“I got a lot of underground club gigs coming up. I’ll be spinnin this one for sure.”

QUAKE - Earthquake - Seattle, WA (Internet Station)
“Oh yea this is nice. I like how the beat works with the style of these cats. Always nice to here Tame One rep too on a track.”

WDBM - Dustin - East Lansing, MI (Michigan State University)
“Real dope production. Dudes rip the hell out of this track too. Tame one, underground overslept on legend, adds a real nice touch to this track as well.”

WICB - J-Styles - Ithaca, NY (Ithaca College)
“Another solid track. The track is tight; I like how the horns come in and out. Although none of the emcees really do it for me, the mix of all of their different styles sounds really good over the track. Old school rules was probably my favorite track on this record and got the most spins.”

WMHB - Adam L. - Waterville, ME (Colby College)
“I love the Pro & Reg track, “Bricks to B-More”--I gave it a good listen yesterday while I was doing some studyin for finals, and it got me goin! Solid production and crazy lyricism!”

WNHU - DJ Lokash - New Haven, CT (New Have University)
“Good one. I have been spinning it consistently.”

WODU - Nesto - Norfolk, VA (Old Dominion University)
“This is dope. I think the production outshines the MCs a bit though.”

WPKN - DJ Halo - Fairfield, CT (Community Station)
“These cats come out swinging with the ill guest spots (tame rips it) and dope beats. Just plain good music there, rap fan or not. Mikey says he likes it.”

WPRK - Jessica - Orlando, FL (Rollins College)
“The song is hot and is immediately added to the rotation! We will spin it tonight along with a bunch of the other priorities :)”

WRAS - Brandon - Atlanta, GA (Georgia State University)
“Dope. We spun it on our 12/10 show.”

WRFL - Shareef - Lexington, KY (University of Kentucky)
“A solid head nodder, these cats mesh well with Tame One’s smoked out style. Dope beats and rhymes always wins in the end.”

WUML - Jim Tess - Lowell, MA (University of Massachusetts – Lowell)
“Pro and Reg ft Tame One is dope.”

WUSB - Oxygen - Long Island, NY (University of Stony Brook)
“I’ve been bumping this. Love me some Tame One.”
- Foundation media

"Life of a Vagabond"

The hip hop scene is an integral part of the music that Baltimore has to offer, so I'm doing my best to keep everyone informed about the genre's latest happenings. My first step in this direction is a review of the album, "Life of A Vagabond" by local artists Proton & Regulus (aka Pro & Reg), co-produced by DJ Addikt.

The duo boasts a 90's-inspired hip hop style, citing rock, punk, and krunk influences. Their latest album is a true testament to this stylistic versatility, as a wide array of instrumentation and beats provides listeners with a diverse musical experience from start to finish. Their tracks cover some serious ground, ranging from the overtly serious to the lighthearted (as evidenced by the titles "Corruption" and "Loly Gag"). On 'Vagabond,' the scales ultimately tip in favor of seriousness, however, as Pro & Reg have a compositional style that frequently relies on driving beats, minor tonalities, and the occasional help of a string section to achieve its full effect. The album's production value is fantastic, so much so that even if the duo's lyrics are sometimes not serious in content, the listener is still compelled to take their words seriously. And fortunately, Pro & Reg both seem to have something meaningful and positive to say.

For example, the song "Corruption" expresses thoughts on the war in Iraq, the shortcomings of modern politics, and the influence of big business on society. It is accompanied, simply enough, by a melancholy violin, a piano, and a drum beat. In stark stylistic contrast, the song "Hey" exudes an old-school flair, with an optimistic tenor and a cheerful horn section in the background. The lyrics, "Im'ma hold my own, do my thing and keep my head up, even though this life feels like a setup," are a good indicator of the consistently positive message that characterizes the majority of 'Vagabond.'

Other songs worthy of merit include the intensely pro-active "Game Day" which is driven by complex vocal rhythms over a simple but satisfying bass loop. "The Chase" is appropriately titled, and could easily be used in a movie soundtrack if it played over some sort of montage sequence (Rocky XII – where perhaps Rocky is forced to fight his own, long-lost abusive father in an attempt to finally put to rest the demons of his past – I'm looking in your direction). But seriously, it's a good track, and acts as a great exemplification of the intensity that appears on and off throughout the album. "Death Blow," "Howl at the Moon," "You're All I have," and the triumphant-sounding "Family" also fit this mold, drawing the listener in with a unique blend of lyrical craftsmanship and musicality.

If you're a fan of the genre, I would definitely recommend looking into "Life of A Vagabond." It's a very well done album, and if I had the necessary vocal talents, I would definitely be singing along with some of its tracks by now. Unfortunately, I'm what doctors call "slow-in-the-mouth," so I can only sing along with the occasional moderately-paced chorus. As a side note, Pro & Reg also put on a very solid live show, as I learned last Friday at Sonar.
- Examiner

"Pro&Reg Life of a Vagabond"

Pro & Reg :: Life Of A Vagabond
Pro and Reg Records

Reviewed on Monday, October 27, 2008 by Jason Kordich
A vagabond is an individual who wanders from place to place without a settled home. Proton and Regulus, better known as Pro & Reg, apply this definition to the various styles a hip-hop artist can possess. Rather than embracing one of the personas MCs held during the Golden Age, Pro & Reg adopt a vast range of styles and subject matter for the first full-length album, Life of a Vagabond, on Pro & Reg Records. The two Baltimore MCs shift from comedic party rap to political discourse without losing a step. However, the duo doesn’t stop there. From rhyming about “holding it down since '95”, being “Golden Soldiers,” and giving real hip-hop the dough to relationships gone awry, Pro & Reg deliver a rapid fire flow that allows them to effectively adapt to each of their new sonic surroundings. With production coming courtesy of the Pro & Reg themselves and DJ Addikt, listeners can expect a heavy dose of looped string samples reminiscent of late ‘90s hip-hop. “Through the Rain,” featuring Chief Kamachi, delivers the rugged underground cut that hard core heads will appreciate while “You don’t See Us," featuring Bex and Tony Garret, offers a smoothed out proclamation of supremacy. Many shades and textures of hip-hop are provided on this 21-track debut and as Pro & Reg wander from style to style, they only settle on making sure that Golden Era, boom bap hip-hop continues to exist.
- Urb magazine

"Pro & Reg ft. Tame One, Bricks to Bmore"

This is not a Redman freestyle over Spank Rock's "backyard betty" beat- although that'd be fuckin awesome. Instead it's relarive new cats Pro & Reg of Baltimore teaming up with Brick city native and former Artifact Tame One. Mixing a wall of head-nodding noise and some lickety-split quick rhymes, "Bricks to Bmore" is as energetic as energetic is.
**** BP - BP of urb magazine

"Pro Single Hey! Number 3 on charts"

Also number 2 on rapnetwork recordbreaker indie hip hop charts

5 1 EFFECT My Kinda Girl Los Wunder Twins
-- 2 HOLLYWOOD HOLT Hollywood Chocolate
6 3 PRO & REG Hey! Pro & Reg Records
8 4 DEVIN THE DUDE Can't Make It Home Cinematic
13 5 JIM JONES & RON BROWZ F/ JUELZ Pop Champagne Columbia/Universal Motown
7 6 YOUNG JINSU Me & You Four Kings Production
12 7 MR OZWALD American Dream Crown Digital
10 8 CHOCLAIR The Essence Never So Deep
29 9 J BADA No Equal Intix Productions
-- 10 KABOOSE Goin Out Of Control Syntax
11 11 CRITICAL Remember Creative Juices
16 12 COUTURE INK Where Are We Going Marmah
14 13 BEYOND BELIEF Don't Touch Make Noise!!
15 14 LIVE MANIKINS Got The Style White Label
24 15 DKLA Where You At Zeal Entertainment
17 16 DJ BABU F/ M.O.P. Dearly Departed Nature Sounds
28 17 BRIDGE DWELLERS Get Live White Label
18 18 J THE S F/ B.O.B. Another Round Greater Good
20 19 JINX DA JUVY I Get Money Strong Enough Ent.
26 20 ONE PHAM Get Away Fa'Sho Records
21 21 BLACK MILK Give The Drummer Sum Fat Beats
22 22 CROWN CITY ROCKERS Body Rock Self Released
23 23 DIVERSE Escape Death Chocolate Industries
27 24 STATIK SELEKTAH F/ JADAKISS & M.O.P. For The City Showoff / Brick
30 25 PERFEKT & CHANCE Don't Break It Up Gittuff Ent.
NEW 26 ARASH howudoin? SoFull Ent.
NEW 27 ASN F/ SMIFF N WESSUN Smash Em Soul On A Beat
NEW 28 ZION I Juicy Juicy Gold Dust Media
NEW 29 RAS CEYLON Betta B Ready Lumbajack (RMX) Throwback Records
NEW 30 SEKOU & QUAZ F/ SPRAGGA BENZ Black Gold RhythmWise

"Ground Lift Magazine"

Pro & Reg
Bricks 2 Bmore EP
Pro & Reg Records 2007

Coming off the success of their “Bricks 2 Bmore” 12inch with its guest shot by Tame One, Pro & Reg have teamed up with DJ Addikt for this EP of 2007-by-way-of-1993 Boom bap. With all but three tracks produced by Reg, the overall sound benefits from this aural cohesion. Although I doubt he would consider himself the best producer on the mic, Reg is far from a slouch. Pro on the other hand is everything his name implies. Honing his skills on the battle circuit, his insistent wit and flawless delivery serve to sell each track’s theme. This is best heard on Pro's solo track “Let’s Go,” a club banger with an unlikely organ accompaniment. One facet of Reg’s production that stands out is his use of samples in conjunction with new school drum sounds, which give his beats an old school feel and a new school bump. As far as lyrical content goes, Bricks 2 Bmore runs the gamut with everything from battle/boast cuts to conscious rap tracks. “Real Ain’t Always Right” satirizes the tall tales spouted off by your average gangsta rapper, while “Old School Rules” finds Pro & Reg deftly exchanging verses enough to make Run DMC jealous. Clocking in at just over 45 minutes and 10 tracks, Bricks 2 Bmore is more like an LP in the 1993 sense, all heaters, and no filler.
- DJ Trew

"Street Beat Music Monthly"

November 2006 vol. 23, No. 11 issue 266

Pro & reg have released their new single "Bricks to B-more", featuring newark's (hence the "bricks") own Tame One, one half of the legendary (although now defunct) Hip Hop duo the Artifacts. the beat is a definite head-nodder and all three emcees on the track do it justice..

- kelly Connelly - Susan E. Mudd

"Baltimore city paper"

Pro & Reg are a couple dudes that have been part of the whole Elements Party scene in Baltimore and have been performing a lot lately. A while back, they sent me an advance copy of this CD, which I think was released in May. Even though they call it an EP, it's almost 50 minutes long and has 10 songs, so it's really practically a full-length album. I'm not sure exactly how to describe their style, it's kind of conscious and old school. When I wrote about them in Noise a few months back in my rundown of Bmore hip hop releases in of early '07, I referred to them as backpacker rap, which I probably shouldn't, since cats seem to get really offended by that label these days. Anyway, Check out Pro & Reg on MySpace.

Pro & Reg - "Real Ain't Always Right" (mp3)
I like this song, it actually make a pretty convincing, logical argument about why rap lyrics should do something for the community instead of just being amoral gangsta shit. Not that I don't think lyricists shouldn't be able to rap about whatever the hell they want, though. - AL Shipley

"Urb magazine Next 1000"

Reviewed by Schuyler Lindberg
1 2 3 4 5 (Click on stars to rate artist)
Boom. Bap. Boom. Bap. The sound of real, golden era hip hop has returned. With a decidedly pleasing throw-back approach these two Baltimore MCs team up with DJ Addikt on their latest EP, "Bricks 2 Bmore" and bring tight rhymes and wit back to the forefront. After hitting #1 on college radio hip hop charts in January the pair are poised to make the 'old skool' new again with their talent-fueled return to simplicity. - Schuyler Lindberg

"#1 on College Radio!!"

( Issue# 262- January 16, 2007)

5 1 PRO & REG Bricks To B-More Pro & Reg
8 2 TRU-PAZ Dust Yourself Off Urbnet
21 3 ALOE BLACC I'm Beautiful Rhymesayers
20 4 PLANET ASIA Thick Ropes Gold Chain Music/ABB
10 5 SKULL Boom Di Boom di YG Entertainment
12 6 INTELLEKT & DIRTY DIGITS Phenom.Mental ATF Records
7 7 NAS Hip-Hop Is Dead Def Jam
9 8 SUSPENS Never Fallin Back Suspens Recording
11 9 CLAN DESTINED Plan B VJC Records
22 10 GEORGIA ANN MULDROW Leroy Stones Throw
18 11 EMILIO ROJAS Keep On Runnin Wax Reform
15 12 MYKA 9 Viles Citrus Recordings
6 13 GUILTY SIMPSON Clap Your Hands Stones Throw
14 14 MIGHTY MYSTIC Better Times Split2nd Ent.
NEW 15 MUDKIDS The Bounce Crush Entertainment
F/ KEAK DA SNEAK From Behind Asphalt
13 17 MAIN FLOW & 7 L Forever Brick Records
1 18 EL-P Everything Must Go Def Jux
4 19 CEE KNOWLEDGE Rap Renegades 7 N A Crescent
3 20 DL Mirror Commonwealth
26 21 KNOWA LAZARUS Millionaire Q-York
23 22 THE 1SHANTI India Bambaataa Flatbush Junction
NEW 23 BRAVEZ TEAM HYPHY Bay Boyz Stand Up / Green Light
24 24 RAINMAN Out Here Chime Entertainment
19 25 BLACK MILK U's A Freak Bitch Fat Beats
27 26 P.O.S. Bleeding Hearts Club Rhymesayers
28 27 SNEAKY PETE U Don't Know Wondertone
2 28 BOSSMAN A-Yo Virgin
NEW 29 SURREAL & THE SOUND PROVIDERS Just Gettin' Started ABB Records
17 30 DONNIE DARKO Alone In My Room Never So Deep

1 PETE ROCK F/ D BLOCK 914 Nature Sounds
2 DJ A-TRAK Step Off Audio Research
3 BROTHER ALI Truth Is Rhymesayers
4 X-CLAN Weapon X Suburban Noise Records
5 MACROMANTICS Moments In Movement Kill Rock Stars -


Past releases:
Hard Love - Digital dynasty volume 4 - 40,000 downloads feb 2009
Hey! (single featured on 3rd Rail Snow Jam compilation album) 3000 copies jan/feb 2009
Hey! also featured in 3rd Rail commercial on Havoc tv
Life of A Vagabond 10/28/08
Bricks To Bmore EP 5/07
Bricks to B-more feat. TameOne 11/06
Pro&Reg- Shooting Stars feat. Taiek Chi various artists cd 3rd I reveloution sampler CD 2005



Boom-Bap Original Hip-Hop with a twist of new best describes these two talented emcees from the city of Charm. Following the blue print of original early 90’s Hip Hop, Pro & Reg have the ability to cross over into any genre of Hip Hop and Rock while still sounding fresh and new. Pro & Reg's first single “Bricks To Bmore” featuring Tame One (Artifacts/Weathermen) peaked at number 1 on two college radio charts, Rap network record breakers radio charts and on January 15th and 16th of 2007 respectively.

The D.C./ VA/ MD area has known Pro as The former host of "The Elements party" monthly Hip-hop showcase. He is also known as a champion battle MC in the mid Atlantic area.

Regulus has been affiliated with the Baltimore Hip hop scene as the front man for the group Knomatik. Also a respected emcee in the ring, Reg is the primary producer as well as vocalist.

Together with DJ Addikt, Pro & Reg tell Storys with positive real life messages that you can obtain through the music. They also know how to keep the music fun and perform live with unbelievable freestyle ability.

They have performed with KRS1, De la Soul, Del The Funky Homosapien, Non Phixxion, Immortal Technique, Black Sheep, Brother Ali, Brand Nubian, Wu Tang Clan, Tame One, Masta Ace and more...

Regulus-- Emcee/producer
Pro-- Emcee
DJ Addikt-- DJ/producer

Past releases:
Time Isn't Safe compilation album 2010
Hard Love - Digital dynasty volume 4 - 40,000 downloads Feb. 2009
Hey! (Single featured on 3rd Rail Snow Jam compilation album) 3000 copies Jan/Feb 2009
Hey! Also featured in 3rd Rail commercial on Havoc TV
Life of a Vagabond 10/28/08
Bricks To Bmore EP 5/07
Bricks to B-more feat. TameOne 11/06
Pro&Reg- Shooting Stars feat. Taiek Chi Various Artists CD 3rd I Revolution Sampler CD 2005

To keep up with the latest on Pro & Reg, visit


“…mixing a wall of head-nodding noise and some lickety-split quick rhymes, “Bricks to Bmore” is as energetic as energetic is.” – BP, Urb Magazine

“Boom. Bap. Boom. Bap. The sound of real, golden era hip hop has returned. With a decidedly pleasing throw-back approach these two Baltimore Mcs team up with DJ Addikt on their latest EP, “Bricks 2 Bmore” and bring tight rhymes and with back to the forefront. After hitting #1 on college radio hip hop charts…the pair are poised to make the ‘old skool’ new again with their talent-fueled return to simplicity.” – Schuyler Lindberg, Urb Magazine Next 1000

“…Rather than embracing one of the personas MC’s held during the Golden Age, Pro & Reg adopt a vast range of styles and subject matter for their first full-length album, Life of a Vagabond, on Pro & Reg Records. The two Baltimore MC’s shift from comedic party rap to political discourse without losing a step…Pro & Reg deliver a rapid fire flow that allows them to effectively adapt to each of their new sonic surroundings.” – Urb Magazine Review

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