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Canonsburg, Pennsylvania, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2003 | SELF

Canonsburg, Pennsylvania, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2003
Solo Hip Hop Alternative




"Proseed is setting the bar higher with a brand new album, “Songs and Seven Blunders”"

Proseed is a hip-hop artist who has managed to set the bar higher with a stunning new album titled “Songs and Seven Blunders”. This Pittsburgh rapper stays true to the verve and the innovative edge that has put the local rap scene on the map, continuing in the tradition of innovation and outside-the-box thinking that has made Pittsburgh hip-hop so special on a global scope as well. “Songs and Seven Blunders” is a well-rounded and extensively diverse record, which features 14 tracks. In addition to performing all the vocals and recording guitar, he produced the instrumentals on Reason, showcasing some amazing versatility and talent in the process! - The Bandcamp Diaries

"Recent music from Proseed, Jason Davis, and AccordionAnarchy"

On his third album, Proseed may have his most cohesively fulfilling project. His at-times unorthodox rhyme scheme channels MCs like Pharoahe Monch, while the subject matter fits the mold of Rhymesayers Records. He mines personal experience, as expressed in the love story told on "Real Security." Germany's Ulliversal handles the production, shining on "Communication Problems," on which a hypnotic sample blends with standard boom-bap percussion, and also on "My Sweet Valentine," that offers swords clashing underneath an infectious violin and vocal samples. - Pittsburgh City Paper

"Proseed's New Album "Quintessential""

Pittsburgh emcee Proseed drops his latest and most personal album to date! Boasting a straight up love for hip hop his message is heard clearly throughout the album! You may have seen this cat opening up for Def Jux artists Mr. Lif, Hangar 18 and Aesop Rock on recent tours. The album took nearly four years to complete. -

"Mamogram Jam Chit-Chat"

"Proseed is a well-versed emcee who not only writes, but produces most of his music. As part of Solid Ground Entertainment, he has rocked shows all over this area (Pittsburgh) with local and national acts. His new album “CAUTION: the raw classics” is, in my humble opinion, exactly what HipHop should be. " - Girl Weapon X - Pittsburgh Hiphop's Head Lady Activist

"Pittsburgh Underground Waiting to be found"

Upstairs, in a smoky South Side hang-out, about eight emcees take turns exhibiting their rhyming abilities on a cramped stage for a crowd of about 30.

For most of the performers, the payoff is barely enough to make up for the gas money they spent to make the trip. Some do it because they hope to make it big some day, some do it for fun, but some consider themselves to be true artists, not in it for the money. They’re in it for the love of their art.

Derek Postlewaite, 23, of Washington, Pa., sees himself as an artist in a hostile environment, performing music that has become tainted by the business side of things.

“It’s extremely difficult being an artist in Pittsburgh,” says Postlewaite, who goes by the stage name “Proseed.” Postlewaite, who hesitates to label his act as hip-hop because of a dislike of his mainstream contemporaries, sees the Pittsburgh music scene as a culture that focuses only on the corporate artist and not on the underground.

“An underground culture ignites through word of mouth,” says Postlewaite. “If it ignites through radio and TV it’s not really underground.”

One thing that nearly all underground musicians have in common is their utilization of MySpace Music, an online network that allows musicians to make their music available for streaming to more than 100 million users worldwide.

“MySpace Music helps a lot,” says Nicholas Ploucha, a 22 year-old political science major at Duquesne University and Uptown resident. “It helps you network.”

Postlewaite has also found MySpace Music to be a boon.

“I’ve been in touch with some people who have allowed me to go places outside of Pittsburgh,” he said. However, Postlewaite has seen some negative effects caused by the mega-music network. “It lets everyone be a musician all of a sudden, that’s the real problem I have with MySpace.”

Pittsburgh will never be mistaken for a music Mecca. Aside from Christina Aguilera, The Clarks, Anti-Flag, RZA and King Cool himself, Donnie Iris, most music fans would be hard-pressed to name another prominent Pittsburgh recording artist.

On the rock music side of things, it would appear as if the music scene in Pittsburgh is dismal, but Ploucha says differently.

“The scene is there, you just have to look for it.” Ploucha is the saxophone player in a local ska outfit named Barker’s Beauties.

Ploucha’s band frequently plays small venues and bars such as South Side’s The Smiling Moose, and it certainly is not a high-paying gig. “I do it because it is fun,” says Ploucha. “I enjoy it.”

Written By: Mike Myzak - The Duquense Duke



Songs & Seven Blunders (2022)
There Goes the Sun (2016)
Depth in Shallows (2013)
Broken Walkman Body Shop (2009)
Quintessential (2007)


REASUN & Proseed - "El Cruce" (2020)
"Communication Problems" (2013)
"I Wreck" produced by Maker (2008)

Rotten Apples (2008)
Caution: the Raw Classics (2006)

"Pair of Dice" - Ill Advanced (2020)
"The Data" - Cody Cody Jones (2019)
"Automatic Madness" - Aris (2016)
"The Cave" - Fortified PhonetX (2012)
Steel Town Sounds - City of Champions (2007)
Jarzyn & Icerz - The First Episode (2007)
Scotty Coles  - Quiet Before The Storm - Mixtape (2006)
Scotty Coles - Big Statements (2006)
EMS - T.D.A. Vol 1 (2006)



Considered by some to be the livest MC out of Pittsburgh, PA, Proseed combines schematic flow with the total package of delivery, concept, & purpose to create music that means something: hard-hitting, heavy lyrics hip-hop. Since 2003 he has opened for worldwide acts like Aesop Rock, Mr Lif, Tech9NE, Fat Lip (Pharcyde), S.A. Smash, Hangar 18, Blueprint, OneBelo, Illogic, & Louis Logic. He has worked with the producer Maker of Glue & Galapagos4 (Qwel & Maker). Since the release of There Goes the Sun (2016), he has appeared on multiple releases by gifted artists including: The Sure Shot (2016) by Aris, Follow Your Heart and You'll End Up Alone (2019) by Cody Cody Jones, and Unwritten Divine Rule (2020) by Ill Advanced. His latest album, Songs and Seven Blunders (2022), features Pseudo Slang, Real Deal, Gene Stovall and a handful of other great lyricists. The album includes 14 tracks and is streaming everywhere.