Somewhere between electro and punk rock there is Prospect. Guitars, samples, beats, and sincere vocals...


Prospect's approach is rooted somewhere between old school punk ethics and the underground electronic music community. Prospect, which is Jonathan Flugel, has been experimenting with songwriting since the age of 12. Even at an early age, Flugel expressed himself using not just a guitar and his voice, but also began utilizing samplers and drum machines. Throughout his late teens Flugel was part of several local bands in South Florida that developed loyal fan bases and even major label attention. Now he has come full circle in sonic experimentations. The style which Prospect produces has been described as somewhere between trip hop and punk, often described in short as "neo-electro-punk" (whatever the hell that is). With a record release in early 2006 and several other releases and collaborations planned (most notibly with The Metrosexuals) Prospect's future looks very promising.


Comp A - Torched Records 11/05
Prelude- EP (10/06)
Burn Your Bridges (sometime in 2007)

Set List

The typical original set is about 45 minutes to an hour. Prospect can also perform turntablist routines before and after original set. The DJ set can run for several hours.