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Prospect Hill

Boston, Massachusetts, United States | INDIE

Boston, Massachusetts, United States | INDIE
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""Hot Prospect, North of Boston band's do-it-yourself approach is paying off""

DIY. If you're a band with hopes of rock star success, you live by those three letters.

"You can't really expect anyone to help you out in the music industry. You have to do it on your own," said drummer Mark Roberge of Methuen, one of the founding members of the band Prospect Hill.

It used to be that a few catchy songs and attracting crowds in the high hundreds were enough to get you the attention of a record label.

These days, the standards are higher. Crowds must be in the thousands. Independent album sales must be in the six figures and having a long, long list of "friends" on your MySpace page is a necessity, not a luxury.

Prospect Hill (named for a section of Lawrence), so far, is doing all these things and more, by itself. This weekend, you can catch them at River City Billiards in Haverhill. On Friday, April 20, they'll be at the Sad Café in Plaistow, N.H., starting at 7 p.m.

You can hear them on Boston sports radio station WEEI, which plays their music most Monday nights on "GameTime React" with JT The Brick, who often digresses from sports to talk about or play music. They've been signed up for a spot at WAAF's Locobazooka this fall. Music producer Anthony J. Resta of Chelmsford, who's worked with Duran Duran and Blondie, will collaborate with Prospect Hill on its latest album. The band also played a few dates with Powerman 5000, the punk rock group fronted by Haverhill native Spyder, the brother of Rob Zombie.

"They are booking up like crazy," said Dan Roberge, Mark's father, who manages the band. "I am denying shows every day."

Prospect Hill released its latest album, "Out of the Ashes" in September. Dan Roberge believes the new album will be out later this summer.

"They are hard workers, they really are," he said.

Prospect Hill has been together for four years, though lead singer Adam Fithian of Manchester, N.H., joined recently.

Things took off for Prospect Hill about the same time, playing 40 dates up and down the East Coast with acts like Powerman 5000.

While the band works primarily in the rock genre, its repertoire ranges from heavy metal to pop rock. They call it "metal-odic."

"We have a lot of different sounds," Mark Roberge said. "We are tight and our shows are awesome."

Probably the biggest showman in the group is Edgar Troncoso of Methuen, known for his colorful stage antics.

"If he wasn't doing this, he would be in the circus," Fithian said.

Sully Erna and Godsmack, the platinum-selling rock band with Merrimack Valley roots, serve as role models for Prospect Hill.

"Sully Erna, he worked his (tail) off, took over as front man, and look at him now," said Dan Roberge, who grew up with Erna in Lawrence. "I hope these kids' work pays off for them."

by: Rosemary Ford - The Eagle Tribune

"Introducing "metalodic rock""

Prospect Hill is a name that's been in the New England metal and rock scene for more than six years. But, within the past year, Prospect Hill has reformed itself.

Based in Boston, Mass., Prospect Hill was originally Panacea. Since then, the band has gained a new lineup and some new material.

Prospect Hill is Adam Fithian on lead vocals; Derek Rousseau on lead guitar; Andy Bochart on rhythm guitar; Edgar Troncoso on bass and backup vocals, and Mark Roberge on drums.

"We were a lot more metal before but now were going down a different road with it. The music has changed vastly. Weve toned it down a lot actually and theres not as much screaming," Troncoso said.

Prospect Hill even came up with their own genre, which they call metalodic rock. According to Rousseau, metalodic rock is hard rock music influenced by the melodic expressions of metal music, heard in some of Rousseau's guitar riffs.

"It's like the music that we're writing now is where we should've already been. Before it seemed like it was us, the band, and the lead singer. Now it just feels like we're all in it. It brought the whole performance together," Bochart said.

The last release for Prospect Hill, Out of the Ashes, was recorded with their previous frontman. Fithian joined the team in September 2006 and plans are underway new album.

Prospect Hill is best known for its live performances, whch are full of energy and drive.

"We really do have a reputation for our live shows. The live performances are much more intense," said Fithian.
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"Out of the Ashes" 2006 Full Length
"Breakdown" 2007 Single
"For the Lovers the Hater's and the Dead" 2008 Full Length
"4AM" 2009 Single
"Into the Light" 2009 Single
"Prospect Hill" 2009 Full Length
"Impact" 2011 Full Length



Combine a high energy, in your face live performance, with a melodic yet edgy original sound packed full of hooks and huge choruses, and you have the product of the hard rock band Prospect Hill. Hailing from the Merrimack Valley, an area just 20 minutes north of Boston, MA, the group is comprised of 5 long time best friends who are nothing short of charismatic. Each unique in there own way but equally driven by the passion to rise to the top in the music industry.

Early on, the aspiring quintet faced many adversities, one being the lack of necessary funding essential in obtaining any standard of quality in equipment and recordings. As a result, the band was reduced to using hand-me-down instruments and old equipment while playing shows for audiences that consisted mostly of family and friends. However, the group has experienced an evolution that credits persistence and commitment. Over time, Prospect Hill has transformed their act from playing small shows at local venues to performing in front of thousands of screaming fans in arenas and theaters across the United States; from recording demos in their garage to recording an album with A-List Producer Anthony J. Resta (Collective Soul, Duran Duran) goes to show where they came from and where they are going. Prospect Hill is proof that hard work, determination, and originality trumps financial backing and clout any day. Name any National Rock band in the country and there is a 90% chance Prospect Hill has shared the stage with them. They have taken the North East Region by storm by performing on average 100 shows a year which range from all over the North East, down the East Coast, out to Texas, the Midwest and all the way out to California. They have been nominated and won numerous awards over the years, one including High Times Magazine’s Best Independent Act of 2010 resulting in them performing The High Times Magazine Award showcase in Austin, TX for the 2010 South By South West Music Festival. With three full length albums out and non stop touring Prospect Hill shows they have no sign of slowing down or lack of creativity.

Their first full length album released in 2007 “For the Lovers the Haters in the Dead” sold 3500 copies to date and featured their first song to be picked up by radio titled “Breakdown” which instantly became a fan favorite. That album also was home to their song titled “S.O.E” which featured National Act Godsmack’s guitarist Tony Rombola. They then went on to release their second album titled “Prospect Hill” in 2009 which has sold 5,000 copies to date. Upon initial release emerged on the North East Heat Seekers Billboard Charts at #2 and The Boston Albums Billboard Chart at #14, garnering much attention from within the industry. The album had a more commercial writing feel with catchy yet hard hitting songs, “Roller Coaster” and “Super Hero” being the standouts. After releasing the album Prospect Hill went ahead and filmed their acclaimed “One Shot” music video for their single “Roller Coaster” which featured MTV Real World star Scott Herman. The video was an instant success and gained much attention and momentum online. “Prospect Hill” continues to chart on numerous Billboard charts to this day. Their third and latest album titled “Impact” released in late 2011 is their biggest to date. The album was produced by the legendary Anthony J Resta. Together they were able to capture the feel of their high energy performance while offering the rock world a new unique sound that can compete with the best of them. The first single released of the album titled “Come Alive” emerged on Amazons hot new rock singles chart and climbed all the way up to the top 10 within just a few days of the release. The song has begun to receive airplay on rock stations all across the country. The music video for the single came out amazing and can be viewed by some as controversial. Prospect Hill held their CD Release party show for a packed house at the famous Wilbur Theater in Boston, MA.

Prospect Hill will head out on a National tour in mid January of 2012 with the band Wayland. The tour will take them all across the U.S in all types of venues. With their single “Come Alive” still being picked up by radio stations across the country 2012 is looking to be a big year for them. Prospect Hill’s determination and passion has brought them to where they are now and will continue to help catapult them to the very top of the music industry.