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Prospect Lane @ Island Bar

Birmingham, Not Applicable, United Kingdom

Birmingham, Not Applicable, United Kingdom

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Today as I'm typing this and still networking for In Touch Radio - getting all those wonderful friends linking hands around the world, I'm listening and enjoying.

You have taken me back a way inter-mingling with, what I feel is pre-post Punk energy on Fickle - fast intro with energy that predates that era back to the 60's with words to match the latter - then hitting with London Town at the Camden Light brilliant straight rush into today!

Isolation - growling feedback into another feel of 80's slip-slide and then the words, /he's got a fast car, /reminiscent to Airiel but uniquely Prospect Lane - again so many hooks and the phasing on vox - I can hear alternatives but then the flavour would be changed and it wouldn't be the same - that's the producer in me! Nice bend on the last chordal note.

Ghosts - nicely different - casually respectful. Put your favourite record on - tell what's your favourite song... then that change / nobody lives here anymore/ sensitively remote and recalling - takes us back where we came from/... the Long Playing Scratch and Vocal Phase - memorable

Get their record - if the albums available buy it - you won't be disappointed and guys send me down the album - CD not MP3 please - transfers lose when copy onto Schedule and you will be on In Touch

- In Touch Radio

Hearing Aid – Dec 2007
Talking of my imaginary label, another band that features heavily on the roster is Prospect Lane. Able to do 'sing alongs' like 'Fickle' just as well as the more reflective 'Ghosts' they're a class act that are just screaming out for a really fat stadium gig. Sure they can play the smaller venues but you just wrap your ears around a track like ‘Isolation’ and imagine that bad boy thumping out of a million watt amp (I think that's a lot of watts...I was crap at Physics...). I'm listening to it now...seriously impressive stuff. Big, phat, meaty riffs then a slab of vocoder. You gotta love the vocoder. I'm a child of the 80's...despite what a lot of people say it was a bloody brilliant decade for music...and Prospect Lane bring a lot of what was and is great about it all right up to date. I'm afraid I know jack shit about promotions but what the hell is going on when a band plainly this good and with a wide appeal aren't blasting out of the nation's i-pods (other MP3 devices are available...but they ain't as good...cos i-pods are all shiny and stuff)? On an unrelated note I guess this is what Gigbeth should be for. A fucking great showcase for some fucking great bands. With a fucking huge stage right in the middle of town. And a massive fucking PA. Broadcast on TV. Not local TV but national TV. Live. In the summer. Not in November. Aaaaaaaaaagggghhhhhhhhhh! Anyway. Prospect Lane. I love 'em. I even warmed slightly to the 'contraversial' Alice Deejay cover of Better Off Alone. At the risk of sounding like some naff gossip correspondent I also had the chance to have a chat with lead singer Michael after the gig. Bloody nice bloke, genuine as hell and, as with the B4, busy writing new stuff for the New Year as well as recording with Gavin Monaghan (who's worked his magic with Editors).
- The Hearing Aid blog

Prospect Lane were supporting Hot Club De Paris for the Nottingham installment of the JD set. To their credit they put on a genuinely entertaining show despite being first up, mixing all sorts of styles and indie tempos from thoughtful to thumping. The lead guy Michael clearly has the entertainer inside him, photogenic, bags of enthusiasm and not shy of leaping about. Well done that man, reminded me of the Hives.
- Dom Henley blog


Fickle (B-side Ghosts) - Released September 2007 on iTunes and Amazon



The foundations of 'Prospect Lane' were laid at 7.25pm on a spring day at the Sharman’s Cross public house on Prospect Lane in a suburb of Birmingham. Consisting of Sparky (axe), Mikey (vox), Nathan (keys), Josh (drums) and Pat (bass),
this bastion of twenty something wisdom and teenage angst was amalgamated by an affection for Pink Floyd, Ikara Colt, The Doors and an injection of opportunity generated by their peers � Editors. With quick momentum Prospect Lane have built a solid base of fans who follow them everywhere. The Lane's first recording was 'Tear me to Pieces' which was produced by Gavin Monaghan (Kings of Leon, Editors, The Twang) and is the closing title soundtrack on the recent Killers rockumentary � 'Leaving Las Vegas'. Mr Monaghan also produced 'Fickle' and 'Isolation' for Prospect Lane in March 2007. The band produce their demos themselves from their secret headquarters in a
Birmingham ghetto where they dream up inspiration while their cars get vandalised and/or stolen outside. They have toured and supported with the likes of 'Ghosts', ‘The View’ and 'Silversun