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New York City, New York, United States | SELF

New York City, New York, United States | SELF
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"My Metal Week"

Prostitution followed things up with their in your face mix of thrash, black metal and spazzy prog. They’re only a 3 piece band, but they attack like a herd of Elephants. These guys just bring such a chaotic, yet uplifting energy to their live performances; as you watch them play you’ll catch each one of them smiling as they barrel on across their twisted musical landscape. Watching them play is an enrapturing experience; they make the whole audience come into their world on their terms. It’s like a roller coaster; once you’re strapped in you can’t leave until the ride is over, no matter how much you scream. - Owen Burley - Founder of


EP - Daughter of Sin - 7 inch

New 7 inch on the way!



Prostitution is a Brooklyn, NY based metal power trio. Not subscribing to any specific niche, the three piece prefers to genre surf across the spectrum of heavy music. Comprised of bassist Jesse Adelson, drummer Ben Bloom, and guitarist Russ Cowen, the three agree that if faced with a loaded weapon and a demand for a description of their sound, they would say semi-technical blackened thrash, and still look themselves in the mirror the following morning.

All three members shoulder vocal duties, but main vocalist Adelson admits that 95% of lyrical content “is about, well, something”. Prostitution brings intelligence and a perverted humor to their music and live show, placing musical integrity and sheer enjoyment over all else.