Protectors of Mexico

Protectors of Mexico



The eccentric Joshua A. Norton was a disillusioned citizen of San Francisco in the 19th century. In 1859, he wrote to major newspapers informing them that he had declared himself emperor of the United States. His accomplishments include issuing his own currency, which was honoured by local establishments, and an attempt to order the US Army to dissolve Congress by force. One of his self-declared titles was ‘Protector of Mexico’.

So here we are, trying to challenge the repetitive and predictable 'rock' music sound which is copied by too many new bands. We'll do it our way.

Of course, not all bands today are stale. We love a variety of bands from Muse and Radiohead to CSS and Bloc Party. More vintage influences include Led Zeppelin, The Beatles and thousands of other musicians who pave the way for change.

Protectors of Mexico are a 4-piece band that live in a mansion together. They love to party, but their dedication to music is such that they spend every waking moment thinking about it. There is a chemistry when they jam - flangey, backward guitar sounds meld with groovy beats and basslines to form a cocktail of intense, tripped-out alt rock.

Set List

We have a 60-minute set of original material.