Protect the Witness
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Protect the Witness

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This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"PTW Emerged"

Bob Gulla: Formed from the ashes of Hemlok, PTW rocks hard with a sound ranging from metallic to soulful and bluesy. The place for a taste would be - The Providence Phonix


We are currently working on our first EP,some tracks are completed and can be heard at



It all started around the year 1991 in Miami FLA with a band called Who Cares. After a couple years the band split ,and members relocated. Now the year is 2002 and I joined a new band called Hemlok. For five years the band played any where and everywhere . That is where I first meet Zac Ethier, an amazing drummer with no where to go but up! After the band split,I hooked back up with Zac for a new project. Zac brought his cousin Isia Ethier, a great lead bass player who just left his band Shades of skin. Strong material emerged immediately. A friend DJ was invited to audition lead guitar,and our fate was sealed. And so Protect the Witness was formed, the name emerged from countless people fearing for their lives because of something they saw. We are hard workers and dedicated to the band and music. We want to spread our music as far as we can,and well go the extra mile.