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Dallas, Texas, USA
"The Truth Enslaves Us"

Unlike most of the reviews, we have one from outside the christian realm we cover. The age range I would think can listen, 13 and over, PG-13.

This CD is just the right size for intense thrash/straight up metal. Each song is individualized by it's caustic vocals, eardrum numbing percussion and blistery riffs, runs and chord progressions. Among the highlights of the EP are Blood and Sand, and Killian. You can hear certain influences in the sound, so no need to throw names around, these guys deserve their own names in here... Chance Lehman (bass), Jason Burris (vocals), Jason French (guitar), Ronnie Sterling (guitar), and Jimmy Tabor (drums).

blood and sand - the first time I heard this song was visiting the protest website, it was their showcase video of highly energetic live footage. On the official recording Ronnie on rhythm guitar introduces the song with blaring speed of sound and riffage. Jason and Jimmy do a nice job of jumping in after the introduction and deliver the message of what I would consider Texas size metal; the message of "here it is,and take it!" Chance's bass adds the low end texture and sound that melds well with Jason's shrapnel beating and tongue lashing. If this were the 60s, Jason would be on a documentary of historical protests.

killian - this one leaves hook marks. Jason takes the listener into the lowerrange of his vocals. Jimmy's bass drum pedals keeps your mindspace occupied and captivated as Ronnie and Jason take the serious road in muted grinding rhythms that NYC hardcore masters would stage dive to.
CD Rating 5.7 strings
- HISMajesty-TRAMA

"Aversion EP review"

"The Truth Enslaves Us", the debut EP from Protest, finds the Texans unloading five tracks of surprisingly taut late-80's/early-90's styled thrash fused with an air of chunky metallic hardcore. There's room for improvement of course, but overall this is a strong debut, right down to the recording, which is well-balanced and consistent - certainly better than average compared to the bulk of the self-released efforts that tend to cross my path. I'd like to hear the basslines brought forth a hint more, but other than that everything's on the right track in that department. Expect loads of meaty riffs and picking patterns across a range of tempos, with burly vocals and even some darker, Bolt Thrower-esque uses of melody here and there. It's a pretty curious blend overall, what with the chaotic Slayer-meets-early-Megadeth style of lead playing over thicker and often more moderately paced rhythms. And while the thrashy elements have more in common with the last decade's "hardcore" than anything, the metallic hardcore edge rests more in the background here, allowing the chugging heaviness to create a different sort of vibe in large part. Not bad at all.


The Truth Enslaves US - EP October 2006
Untitled FULL length - November 2008



Protest is a metal band, period.
Combined years of experience in various bands with styles ranging from hardcore, grindcore to you-name-it-core means they are no strangers to the local music scene.
Protest was formed in December 2003 in Dallas, TX. The band took on many forms before
securing a solid lineup in early 2006. In October 2006, the band completed a self produced, five-song E.P. entitled “The Truth Enslaves Us.” To promote the new release they plan on touring the regional circuit in Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana starting in January 2007.
Protest is ready to do what they were made to do. Make metal.