If you combined Elton John or Billy Joel, the Mahavishnu Orchastra and some Frank Zappa you might have an idea of what the music of Proteus sounds like.


Proteus is a new band emerging out of South Texas, one whose appreciation for complex and progressive music has culminated in an intelligent and driving style that they call Progressive-Jazz-Funk-Rock. These four individuals, with varied backgrounds and influences, have come together to experiment with new sounds and musical ideas, without abandoning the core rock and roll roots that they have in common. One of the most significant elements behind the music of Proteus is their desire to experiment with new sounds and odd meters, all while maintaining the melodic and often driving feel that their fans have grown to love. By using the full range of their instruments, including a synth guitar and killer keyboard tones, Proteus is able to emulate a band twice their size and sound without missing a beat.


2006 Proteus self titled.
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