The Protomen

The Protomen

 Nashville, Tennessee, USA

"unequivocally unique...positively inspired...unmitigated awesomeness" - WIRED "So epic Mr. Roboto would blush" -Alternative Press "a resounding death knell for all things not epic." -Nashville Scene


The Protomen are more than just a band. They are messengers, riding atop an Iron Stallion on their way to deliver the most vicious rock 'n' roll fable that the world has ever known. With several planned albums, and a live show that could crumble mountains, there's no denying The Protomen have created a work unique to its medium -

The first record, 'Act I', includes elements of Ennio Morricone, Queen and Black Sabbath, that culminate in a listening experience unlike anything you've ever heard. If you're afraid of sky cracking distortion and epic chaos, you won't survive this album.

Act II is a departure from the signature distorted sound of the first record. It focuses on a time before the world had fallen under darkness. It is a brighter and more optimistic look at the world The Protomen have created. The album is split into two separate eras (and sounds), and gives the feeling of two distinct albums in one. Act II was produced by Alan Shacklock (Meatloaf, The Alarm, Bonnie Tyler, Babe Ruth, Roger Daltry) and The Protomen. Mastering was provided by Richard Dodd (Tom Petty, Jeff Lynne, Roy Orbison, George Harrison, Traveling Wilburys).

Since their performance at Bonnaroo '09, The Protomen have been touring in support of their new album. They conquered their SXSW and CMJ showcases in 2010. They've also performed at Bamboozle, PAX, Free Press Summer Fest, and several other well-attended events. Currently they are working on new material to be released later this year, and there are several tours planned for the next year all over the world.

Yes, with their very own brand of robot rock, The Protomen are ready to fight.


1) S/T - "Act I" LP
2) "Father Of Death" 7" Record Single
3) ACT II - "The Father of Death" LP

College radio backing for both albums are currently available.

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