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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Drowned in Sound"

"Brooklyn's Proton Proton have been concocting this succinct, sparkling sound for less than a year, and already they've dispensed with the peripheral. Like disparate forebears Can and Fugazi, they have a sparse, selective sense of sound, showcasing awkward rhythms and vocal stabs in isolation. There's no sonic mush for their quirks to disappear into, and even where their idiosyncrasies pile on top of each other, they're splayed in such a way that every limb is identifiable." -

"Block Magazine"

“The music feels sudden, spontaneous,
like an unexpected sound, a consistent
turning of events… Following with their
impromptu style is the fact that they
record as they go along, there is no grand
plan; it's very much an impulsive music”
- Block Magazine


“Thanks to Fuster's voice, Sanchez's Gass,
and Jarrod Ruby's nimble yet powerful
rhythms, this EP effortlessly flips from joyous
to atmospheric and rolls from melancholy to
vaguely ominous while maintaining a cohesive
sound. You're left surprised by how much is
delivered through such sparse and often simple
arrangements. I would be surprised if Proton
Proton remains unsigned for long.”
- Musicspork

"NOW Magazine"

“Formed in Brooklyn last spring, post-punk
thump threesome Proton Proton are already
shaping up to be the next Clap Your Hands
Say Yeah. Their engaging second self-released
EP makes the most of their drums, toy piano
and 'gass' set-up.” - NOW Magazine

"Funtime OK"

“I can't really describe their music more
than ‘fucking great’ and ‘if The Rapture
(RIP?) and Les Savy Fav had a love
child, it would sound like this.’ Check
these guys out” -

"Mish Mash Music Reviews"

Progressive rock meets the garage rock underground in this potent release from trio Proton Proton. The music rips along with rhythmic and melodic complexity, while singer Paul Fuster belts out his nasalized vocals in an appropriately sneering fashion.

Add into the mix a bit of strange instrumentation in the form of a toy piano and a guitar/bass hybrid called a gass, and you've got another level of quirkiness to an album which is already unique and on the edge. The band's prog roots come to life in the lack of pop structure and the wild rhythm changes, as expertly shown in the song Two Words, which speeds up and slows down seamlessly.

As this release is an EP, it never gets a chance to wear thin, allowing every song to hit you like a sucker punch. Great stuff. -

"The Daily Vault"

"EP#2 is a fusion of new wave, punk, and post-grunge indie, a mantra for music adopted by a lot of upcoming underground bands lately. However, this trio of eccentric New Yorkers, with their ingenious use of unwieldy instruments, has interpreted these genres in a way that has never been done before. Moreover, even with the minimal use of instruments - not to mention their awkwardness - this outfit has managed to create a sound that has all the punch and grace of traditional guitar-based music." -


"In addition to perfectly capturing the underlying sense of uncomfortable found in all good punk, there’s an intellectual overtone to their approach which shapes that discomfort and their sound as a whole into something I can only describe as exhilarating. It’s like those moments when you see a band just jamming and for a little while the ragged spontaneous creation comes out perfectly. Edit out the excess and the sparkling remainder is Proton Proton." -

"Ear Farm"

"They bring the music right up to your face, slap you around a little bit, and make you like it. Before you know it you're moving and bopping along to the grooves of Aron's (homemade?) guitar/bass, Paul's voice and (homemade?) toy piano, and Jarrod's skillful use of a drum kit. Proton Proton is spontaneous and inventive in ways I never before imagined - they're equal parts experimental and post-punk and dip from minimalism to full-fledged rock-out with great ease." -

"Music OMH"

"Post-punk, art-rock or whatever the hell you want to call it - it's not a world away from Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, and does really have to be heard to be understood, such is the unpigeonable nature of their craft. This is taut, razor-sharp and right on the edge of what has been known to prick the public consciousness of late." -


We have two EP's available and can be purchased from our website

EP #1
Summer 2005

1. Lock Picker
2. Chinese Dancer
3. Zygote
4. Sly
5. Line Out
6. Scar Charm

EP #2
Fall 2005

1. Plates
2. Major Solution
3. Aloha
4. Mars
5. Two words
6. Sunset Raft


Feeling a bit camera shy


start 2005.

proton proton began during long spontaneous sessions in a dark, carpet-lined room on the mediterranean coast.
aron and jarrod from a band called hominid.
paul from his solo thing.

two ep's have been released. the first in summer, the second in fall.