The perfect soundrack for you to dance, make out, fall in love, or journey to far-off and mysterious places. A dreamy blend of psychedelic rock, chunky beats, smart lyrics and lush pop-electronica.


Protostar: noun ; a cloud of gas and dust in space, believed to develop into a star.

Aside from a few tales that may in fact be urban legends, not much is known about this mysterious group. It is rumoured that the members of Protostarr met while in zero-g at NASA’s astronaut training facility. The three soon washed out of the training programme, however, due to extreme motion sickness and the unfortunate inability to distinguish right from left when upside-down.

This story could have been a sad tale of three failed astronauts drowning their sorrows in wine and Cheez-its, but it took a happy turn in 2004. They discovered that music could take them into outer space without annoying side effects, and the aspiring space cadets decided to form a band.

Thus was Protostarr created.

They currently live and create music in their Southern California home studio. ProtostarR can be seen and heard in the Southern California area, and on Their brand-new EP, Flakey Actress, will be available in September 2006. ProtostarR's 2005 double-disc release Accretion Disks is currently available from Vesuvius Records.

It’s not rocket science…it’s better.


Coloured Lites

Written By: Payne/Cepican

Your water thrills my desert eyes
strange that I could not describe
the glowing trend you brought along
So what on earth are you running for?
Break the glass when you slam the door
My memory erased, when you said
We could set this on fire

Are you too afraid to be alone and
find yourself digging up your bones,
or bury youself in someone else's yard?
So what on earth are you running from?
Flying shells from a brand new gun
My memory erased, when you said
We could set this on fire

You're so in the dark with me...
I just see coloured lights
(in my mind)


Written By: Payne/Cepican

the savvy locks of a cheap thrill
the empty meal in a pill
find allure in a fake smile
a crazy horse for a while

when to start the charge?
where's your face at large?
and the primal scream
from a primordial dream

i just want to absorb all of your love

their old style's like a cheap beer
a vitamin of fear
claiming there's no other piece of the pie
what's it proven but a lie?


Written By: Payne/Cepican

dirt on your face
but still beautiful
what's in your world?
illogical but full of grace
we've got a little time
what do you think?
let's fade away in tonight

well underway
on a little sea
what's on your boat,
when a summer breeze blows on your shore?
we've got a present from the here and now
so let's fade away in tonight
now...beginning forever


Named "Best Electronic Rock" band at the 2006 Inland Empire Music Awards.

Winner of the 2006 Southern California Music Awards - "Best Electronic Rock."

Airplay on:

KUCR 88.3 Riverside, CA
KUCI 88.9 Irvine, CA
KZSU 90.1 Stanford, CA
KCSN 88.5 Northridge, CA
Pulse!Now Internet Radio
KCXX 103.9 San Bernardino, CA (Local Band Spotlight artist)
KRUI 89.7 Iowa City, IA

"Wanderlust" - 2000
"Malai Kofta" - 2003
"Accretion Disks" - 2005
"Flakey Actress EP" 2006

Set List

A typical set runs 30-45 minutes; though on any given night we can prolong the fun...

Set usually includes:

Coloured Lites
Space Cadet
Reconn Mission
High Price
Rid of the Bomb
Tomorrow Never Knows