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The best kept secret in music


“The clues were great, the puzzles were great, and the actors
were AMAZING!” — Agent Striffler

“When can we find out where more of these are going to take place? This was the most fun thing I’ve ever done!” — Agent Eclipse

“This was my first time and I am in love…” — Agent Ox1

“All in all, it was quite an amazing experience. But if you can get to
this thing... beg, borrow and deal to get yourself to this game. It was WILD!” — Agent Irene - From players

We walked inside the darkened theater and there was Sarah, half conscious and tied to a chair, hands bound behind her back. Once she became aware of our presence, she got really agitated, worried, started freaking out.

It was around this time our teammates failed the milgram test and walked right past her, looking for clues. Me and another teammate untied her as she questioned us about who we were and told us that her kidnappers were coming back and we needed to get out. She insisted we leave through a back entrance, which turned out to be a dead end, a closet.

Then we heard the kidnappers arrive, screaming, asking where she was. They fought, and there was gunfire. We stayed as quiet as we could. I was so nervous someone might call and give us away that I took the battery out of my cell phone.

After a while, Sarah suggested that we try the door, that they were probably gone. I was in no hurry to go out there, but when she tried the door it was locked. We had to search in the closet for a key, which we found, and when we got out there was blood all over the floor but no body. We stood around for a minute, dumbfounded, until agents raced in from every entrance, escorting Sarah out of the theater and congratulating us on rescuing her.
- The finale of a past game, "The Lonesko Abduction"

“Prototype161’s breadth of knowledge and innate creativity make for inspired work. They developed an incredibly imaginative experience through immersive and engaging storytelling.” - Media Strategist at


A Prototype161 event presents varied opportunities to develop valuable skills.

� Teambuilding is fostered through cooperative challenges and engaging player experiences
� Leadership skills are honed through team organization, time-management, and critical decision-making
� Diverse challenges call for problem solving skills, requiring creativity and a variety of talents
� Builds community as players bond with each other and explore the campus in a new light
� Ideal for orientation, alumni weekend, homecoming, leadership training, and other special events



Your school holds a secret. For decades, an ancient artifact known as The Arcturus Fragment has been hidden on campus. An underground society, The Shadow Guard, has protected the secret for generations but its safety is now threatened. Special investigative firm Prototype161 has been brought in to coordinate an investigation.

Fusing cutting-edge technology with real-world challenges, Prototype161 immerses you in a story-driven, multimedia puzzle hunt. Teams of students will track down clues, solve puzzles, and interrogate suspects as they scour the campus to find answers.

But the Prototype161 experience is not just a one-night game. Interested players can delve into the story weeks before the live event. Clues hidden around campus lead to online destinations like blogs, youtube, and social networking sites. Cryptic notes slid under doorways and phone calls in the middle of the night are just the beginning.