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"Pull Out A Rabitt"

Pull Out a Rabbit

Originally this song was part of a group of songs that were written in a tuning of my own devising. As first conceived, Pull out a Rabbit was just a simple, unusual melody and some soft backing organ, the chief inspiration being Elliot Smith's "Angeles". When I decided to present this song to the full band as part of our latest recording sessions, we all agreed that it worked well as a quiet song but something was missing. In a moment of rare inspiration we decided that what was missing was a full on rock out ending, a la The Flaming Lips or Granddaddy.

Lyrically the song draws from that place in each of us where we know something isn't right but we do it anyway. And from the feeling that you just want to give up on everything, but know in your heart you aren't that type of person and most likely you'll get out of bed even if you don't want to :) - Round Magazine

"Seattle Weekly Review from 11/2012"

Proud Wonderful Me, Proud Wonderful Me (out now, Knick Knack Records, A band with a name like this must be either unbearably uplifting or incredibly funny. Luckily, these guys are the latter. Pairing goofy vocals with '70s-reminiscent garage rock, this debut EP is lighthearted and fun. SE (Thurs., Nov. 15, Comet Tavern) - Seattle Weekly


The 808 EP



The brainchild of world traveling drum guru Kevin Fullerton, (the bands name itself taken from a Haiku a friend of his wrote),Proud Wonderful Me began as a two piece garage rock combo that was described on more than one occasion as "Trashy as Fuck." After some initial changes they set out to nail down the "ME" sound. The present day line up came to fruition in late 2011 with the addition of Bart Cameron from the Foghorns on lead guitar. The band found their stride and quickly went into HerCar studios to record their debut EP. Recorded mostly live in 2 six hour sessions, the intimacy of this recording does a remarkable job of capturing the unadulterated enthusiasm of a PWM live performance.

Simply put: this is a band that likes to rock, loves to have fun and enjoys more than anything taking the audience with them on one hell of a trip every time they hit the stage!