Brute-force breakdowns and focused, rhythmic attack blend with crushing vocals and snap-neck speed to create a sound reminiscent of such early '90s Metal/Hardcore bands as Biohazard, Pantera and Machine Head. Elements of modern underground legends Throwdown and Soilwork can also be heard throughout


August of 2005 saw the arrival of Proven, when Randy Ross and Marc Halverson made a pact to do whatever it took to give hardcore metal back the respect that had been stripped from it by all the recent crossover bands populating the industry. Proven started churning out brutal hook laden riffs that mixed the ferocity of Pantera, Biohazard, Soilwork and early '80s Thrash, pummeling the Pacific Northwest with their unique style of brute force metal.

Old friendships were rekindled when Marc contacted Billy Graziadei of the legendary New York hardcore metal group Biohazard, and asked him to produce Proven's first studio album. Billy was so impressed with the demo that he asked Proven to fly out to New Jersey to record their debut EP at his Underground Sound Studios, co-owned by Danny Schuler (Biohazard/Bloodclot) and Mike Turner (Vulture).

The album was completed in only four days of tracking, with drums being laid down in one eight hour session by former Proven drummer John Gagne, who had relocated to the East Coast several months earlier.

Not long after the release in May of 2006, Proven began receiving regular rotation on 101.5 KFLY's Sunday night heavy music program, as well as obtaining features on XM radio and college radio across the nation, and have distributed over 1100 copies of the album to date, without any label assistance.

The five song EP deals with self respect, brotherhood and overcoming hardships and has received stellar reviews, garnering worldwide attention from noted heavy music journal, as well as shining stateside reviews that have gone so far as to mention that the fate of hardcore metal lay in Proven's hands.

Proven has shared the stage with national acts such as Sworn Enemy, Full Blown Chaos, Scars of Tomorrow and Nights Like These among many others.

In February of 2007, Billy Graziadei boarded a plane bound for Portland Oregon to record Proven's second album Truth Reign Supreme, at Jackpot Recording Studios. With this new release the band hopes to achieve new levels of success, they intend to tour the world and infect the masses with their brand of metal brutality.


Threw It All Away

Written By: Marc Halverson & Randy Ross

Defeated, you failed, and buried your head in shame again
Repeated, now watch, as you life begins to slip away

Your life slips away
Hands on the clock still turn
Don't let your life slip away
Forever, dawns a new day

Threw it all away
Threw it all away

Determined, never losing, you're fighting forward each day
Beyond driven, destroying, whatever lies in your way

Your life slips away
Hands on the clock still turn
Don't let your life slip away
Down this path you walk alone

Threw it all away
Threw it all away

To My Enemies

Written By: Marc Halverson & Randy Ross

Chaos is the word we live in
Constant fear supervised by terrorsits
A lethal dose, vulgar hatred
Sacrifice, your pride for a nation

Realize, your life's endangered
Wise up, put a point to your anger
Through the heart of your enemies
The truth you find shall set you free

You can't break me...down
You can't break me...I stand my ground

Liberty, the home of the brave
Set in stone, we take to the grave
A landmark for our generation
Freedom is earned and never forsaken

Left Behind

Written By: Marc Halverson & Randy Ross

Forever, you're left behind...

This is the last time... you take what is mine
This is the last time... you take advantage of what's inside

Forever, you're left behind... BEHIND
From within, ourselves we rise... WE RISE

To the grave you'll be left behind... BEHIND
Taking back what is mine...WHAT'S MINE
To the grave you'll be left behind... BEHIND
Inner strength over weakness of mind... OF MIND


Proven-Self Titled EP
Truth Reign Supreme
The Black Comp. Vol. 2
Skate Rock Vol. 1
Project Independent Comp.
8 Piece Records Troop Support Comp.
Operation: United Forces Hardcore Comp.

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Set List

Typical Set List:

20-70 Minutes
The Definition
Cement To Face
Empty Promises
Inner Struggle
Final Stand
Left Behind
A Memory Darkened
Threw It All Away
Pack It Up
The Compromise
From Within
To My Enemies
This War