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When defined the word proverb means a wise saying. Well, when applied to one of Bomb Beach's most profound wordsmiths, the word takes on no less than the personification of its definition. Proverb Newsome has been dropping gems in ears since the early 90s. He first hit the national scene with his group 1Way in 1995 with the project Destination Unknown. Although 1Way is still active and Proverb is still a contributing member of the group, He wanted to try something different. He wanted to say something different. He wanted you to be able to hear more of who he is. Enter A Common Mans Opus, the debut solo project from Proverb. This is a collection of songs that speak directly from the heart of the artist. What he believes, why he believes it, the thrill of his victories and the bitter taste of his defeats. It's all here. This is as personal as he will get. P grew up off of Tamarind Avenue, a notorious area in West Palm Beach, Fl. Although his neighborhood was a little rugged, Proverb's parents taught him to make good choices. When his friends were doing whatever they wanted to do, Prov's pops had him inside doing homework & reading. They were simple people who wanted the best for their son. They worked hard and expected nothing less from him. As Prov matured many of the kids he grew up with were incarcerated while he was being scouted by two major universities to play football. It was not to be. Do to a knee injury in his senior year; he enrolled in college at Samford University in Birmingham, Alabama. He went there to major in journalism & mass communication. It was there that he pursued his love of radio by working at the campus radio station. He also had his musical horizons broaden by a music appreciation class. This opened up a world of new music to Proverb and influenced him as a musician as well At WVSU the campus radio station, Proverb was introduced to Jazz music in its best element. Back then the DJs actually spun vinyl. There were stacks of classics by Miles, Gillespie, Satchmo, Coltrane, Monk, Sanborn, Spyro Gyra and others. Proverb developed a love affair with Jazz. It was second only to Hip-Hop. "I have been blessed to do radio for over a decade now, and although my show is no longer on the air, U can find out more about it @" "It is madd humbling to be a small part of something soooo very important.......... That's God! To look at my life is to see what God can do if you just believe and trust Him."


Audio Adrenaline

Written By: P. Newsome. A. Martinez

CA in the building. Lexito, this is fire baby. We goin torch the streets with this one. The Streets Is God's!

1st Verse
Like some ole cumulous watch me reign with metaphors,
Verses like precipitation soakin thru ya pores.
Entering the bloodstream, tag team with red liquid
Filled with The Holy spirit till you become a Christian
Proverb in ya vicinity, rollin with the Trinity
Swingin da excaliber and it divides ya actively.
Ya hearts thought and attitudes, soul & spirit, joints and marrow
All is bare before the one who's eye is on the sparrow.
In other words you can't hide ya dirt in ya nice white shirt singin in the choir at church.
Naw, you can't front on sin you gotta deal wit,
You know how you feel wit it
Guilty like a criminal only minimal punishment ain't the fate you're facin
You separted forever with waves of fire chasin
It's too late then, appeals can't be made then
That's why I rip mikes over beats,
New way to fish men.

This is what the street needs
I see this and bleed this
This beat got yall nodding in agreement
To my audio adrenaline, my world view
Pointin you to the Cross now what you goin do

2nd verse
This is my street doxology, u need to follow me
As I follow Christ, I trynna walk in his wallabies.
I'm trynna to see with that divine perpective get my mind connected
with the resurrected. Listen, I was affected in 1984
That's when my heart saw the need to have more. (Now)
I need Christ like O.J. needed Cochran
I'm not a foolish Galatian I hold to sound doctrine,
While ya mockin, I'm rockin
Point my voice at the Cross until all of yall flock in.
Don't just watch man, get up in the game (and)
Make Christ ya aim or end up in flames
It's a shame these days how cats is so shal-low
Let them be ash so I can be aloe
Convict a soul wit a flow so cold you gotta know
It's J. Christ when I rock shows.


3rd Verse
This is for the block, and the kids on tha ave that sell rocks,
For the dude in NY that buys and sells stock,
For the PR senoritas that move it and shake it,
For Martha Stewart types that bake & home make it.
Hip-Hop music is beyond the streets,
It might've started there but now it has a global reach,
That's why I speak life.
Puttin truth up in the lime light.
Wit no stage fright, I'm more that just a sound bite
My sound bites, and Lex makin it sound right.
Putting truth & music together makin it unite.
So rican senoritas, and dem homemakin types,
A mid-summer night's dream this life is not like.
It's a knife fight, gang fight, bomb site.
But hold tight cause Aslan is onsite,
Betta grab His mane, and drop the Turkish delight.

Chorus out!!!!


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