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Lyricism. Creativity. Originality. Hip-Hop. Pro'Verb has the clever wordplay of an Eminem, with the ability to make thought provoking Hip-Hop songs like a Mos Def, combined with the gift of songwriting and singing like a Drake. The total package.


Pro'Verb is a music anomaly. In the world of hip-hop, it is rare to find an emcee that excels in the battle rap circuit, but can also create songs that gets everyone from the college girl to the blue collar worker to relate and vibe with. That in itself makes Pro'Verb a different breed of emcee.

Having derived his name from the Biblical book of Proverbs, wisdom has always been something that the Charlottesville, VA born and Prince George's County, MD raised lyricist has valued. His entrance into the music world came about because he was the victim of bullying as a kid. "I used to get bullied by a kid in middle school. He would crack jokes on me all the time, so I learned how to rap battle. I became really cool because of it, and was revered as the 'rapper guy' in my class. I really wanted to start making actual songs when i heard Mos Def's 'Ms. Fat Booty'. It was an incredible story. It felt like it was just a regular real life story. I liked the realism of it. I would have to say he's probably one of the sole reasons i wanted to pursue this as a career."

Pro'Verb's lyricism and clever wordplay is a staple that grabs listeners by the ears, captivates their minds, and enriches their souls. One of his many fans proclaimed on a radio show that "Pro'Verb is a lyrical prophet". Those lyrics have lead Pro'Verb to hold many coveted titles, such as Grind Time Now battle league champion, and Ultimate Mic Night Champion for DC's WPGC 95.5 radio station. His most famous battle however took place in 2008 when he dropped "PSA". The song was his response to Jay-Z's dis track going at the Washington Wizards during their playoffs matchup with the Cleveland Cavaliers. The song garnered Pro'Verb national attention from the likes of The Washington Post, Hip-Hop Weekly Magazine, and even NBA baller DeShawn Stevenson who then was a member of the Wizards team Jay-Z took issue with.

2011 marks a new era for Pro'Verb. Having graced the stages of the likes of Rock the Bells and SXSW, he is out to show the world his full depth as an artist. On September 2nd, Pro'Verb released his While You're Waiting...mixtape. His first mixtape release since 2008. Singles released from the project so, "Dreamin" featuring Tiffany Harley and "Too Hip-Hop" featuring yU of Diamond District, have already received rave reviews from sites such as ABC 7 affiliate, The Washington City Paper, and

Pro'Verb is definitely on a mission to leave a positive stamp in the music industry. "I am more than just another rapper," he says. "I like to think of myself as a visionary..."



"Can't Forget About You" ft Reesa Renee & RAtheMC (2011)

"Write Brothers" ft Lyriciss (2011)

"Dreamin" ft Tifanny Harley (2011)

"Too Hip-Hop" ft yU of Diamond District (2011)


While You're Waiting...(2011)

The Nominee: Go Pro or Go Home (2008)

Set List

Pokerface Pro


Write Brothers

Too Hip-Hop

All Pro All Day