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""Providence Rocks!""

March 2005

Strength would be one of the words to describe the band Providence. You can see it in their faces, you can hear it in their words, and you can feel it in their music. The best part is that you return from one of their concerts rejuvenated. We all know that Happiness is contagious.
Affection and admiration can be seen on the faces of their fans. Treated as family, the following of devoted fans will brave anything that this Florida weather throws at them to catch a performance by Providence. These two women welcome audience participation by offering rhythm instruments, which are always joyfully accepted. Knowing that everyone has talent, Lisa and Pam encourage their fans to play and sing along. This creates an atmosphere of togetherness.
Years of performing have honed the talents of Lisa Noe and Pam Green. Both accomplished musicians in their own rights, the phenomenal combination of these two women are downright awesome. Ignited with their artistic abilities on guitar, drums, and keyboard, the brassy and bold vocals of Lisa along with the sultry and soulful vocals of Pam, create a sound that has the power to captivate your attention.
Providence guarantees to thrill you, include you and inject you with the power of music. It is easy to make that claim. Just ask anyone who has had the opportunity to share an evening of their music. It is a triumphant arrangement for everyone involved.
Based in the Tampa Bay area, Providence performs throughout Florida as well as other states at a variety of venues including festivals, nightclubs, resorts, restaurants, and private and parties.
- Easy Street Music

"Dynamic Duo"

Providence (pro' i-dens',-dens') n. 1.Divine protection and guidance 2.Good fortune 3.Lucky fate

Whatever dictionary you look in, the definition usually has the word divine in it and I can't think of a better word to describe the amazing vocals of Lisa Noe, lead singer in the band Providence. Lucky for us fate brought Pam Green and Lisa Noe together to make up the band Providence. The duo chose their name because they feel that good luck and fortune brought them together.

The electrifying energy that flows between these two musicians ignites the audience into song and dance. The connection between these two women and the audience does not end there. Providence provides a variety of musical instruments and invites the audience to participate in making music with them.

The multi talented Pam Green plays a myriad of musical instruments stimulating the audience with her rhythmic drumming and outstanding guitar playing, not to mention her sensual, soothing vocals. Pam also runs her own recording studio, "Lunar Tunes Productions".

Lisa Noe plays her guitar and sings with rousing passion, that captivates the listener and carries them through a multitude of emotions. She delights the audience with her playful and sassy lyrics, while her ballads reach in and grab their heart.

Before Lisa and Pam became "Providence", they separately have many years of musical training and performances, both singularly and with other bands. Lisa who hails from Kentucky is known as "one of the best singer/songwriters out of Louisville, Kentucky." [Dallas Enbry-Homefront(National Public Radio)] and she has won many awards for her solo performances. While Pam, from Dallas, Texas, has also won the "Battle of The Bands" award, while performing in the band "The Wyrd" and won first place with the band "New Tribe" in the 2003 "King of Peace, Night of the Stars" contest.

Providence is lively, talented and highly entertaining. If you are looking for a night of energetic and entertaining great music, then you absolutely, must see "Providence"! No matter what your musical tastes are, Providence will please you.

They perform at a variety of places throughout the Bay area, from family friendly venues and festivals to private parties and nightclubs. "Providence" has also performed out of the Bay area at concerts in Jacksonville and Ft Lauderdale Fl as far away as Kentucky and are scheduled to perform in Chicago, IL. Amazingly, there has not been any attempt to promote the band nationally; however, when out of state producers heard "Providence" live, that's all it took to book them immediately. With all of their accomplishments, awards and accolades, there is nothing pretentious about these two women. They are genuine, gracious and full of humility.

For old fans and new ones, "Providence" will be releasing their first CD and a huge CD release party has been scheduled. There will be prizes, free food and live music. The live music will be performed by: Acoustic singer/songwriter, Kelly Neff, Wendy Benson, Jazz/Blues Artist Lynn D and of coarse "Providence". The party will be held on August 28, at 9:00 p.m. - Midnight at MAXIE D'S, 1700 Park St. N., St. Petersburg. Next to Saffrons, ph# 727-345-7683. Don't miss out on the opportunity to hear "Providence" and have a great night of FREE entertainment while supporting womens music. Check out "Providence" at
- Womyns Word-August 2004

""Original Duo Providence""

Meaning to see the folk/rock duo Providence for some time, I recently had the opportunity to hear them play at the Octagon Center in Largo. As the opening act, they quietly came out on stage, their demeanor not an indication of the strong and clear music that soon enveloped the theater. As Lisa and Pam started to sing original songs from their CD simply titled Providence, the audience was still.

Big Beautiful Woman makes a big and brassy' statement as a lyric and as a song defining the role of women with a feeling reminiscent of Helen Reddy's I Am Woman - at the height of Women's Lib. Sweet Desire, Is Love Real and several other cuts deal with the never-ending search to find the meaning of love. This CD is about human emotions no fluff songs to be found just honest feelings about life.

It's apparent from the start that these two talented musicians have found good karma in each other, harmoniously blending their two distinct voices into the one that is Providence, a blues/folk duo that will captivate you with their music.

Lisa Noe and Pam Green met several years ago, each in other bands, Lisa in a trio, Pam in a duo, running in similar circles for three or four years, each being aware of the other's music. Eventually Pam gave Lisa her card and invited her to make a demo at her in-home recording studio. They subsequently got together for a jam session and discovered they played very well together. Each was looking to move on to another band and fate stepped in and took it from there. They've now been together since 2002 when they appeared for the first time at the Gulfport Art Walk.

Providence writes their own music, both artists having very different approaches. For Lisa, songs are based on a strong idea or thought, as opposed to just putting words to a melody. Lisa says I start with the ideaI can watch people interact and see a wow, cool idea and start with that one incident that I saw and lyrics come to mind. Pam on the other hand says that's totally the opposite for meI communicate through playing, and composes the music first on the guitar. Their different styles result in a soothing blend of evocative sounds and lyrics.

Both of these talented performers are formally trained, as college music majors. Lisa started singing at age three, learning guitar at four. Pam started guitar early on as well it was her Mom's. She just picked it up and that was it for me! Learning to play as a kid, first with a twelve string guitar, Lisa's Dad removed the harmony strings to let her get used to it that way.

Growing up in Kentucky Lisa used to listen to BBC radio as a kid. We could pick up everything she remembers from Mabel Carter to Willie Nelson, pretty much folk/country stuff. Among her early influences were Emilou Harris whom she says is great! and many more including Barbara Mandrell and the Indigo Girls.

Growing up in Texas, Pam was at one time a physical education teacher, although music was always her passion. She was mostly influenced by the folk genre, yet she has a diverse affinity for music from the Kingston Trio to Nancy Wilson and yes, she too loves the Indigo Girls. Viewing herself as not a natural singer (could have fooled all of us), she sees herself as the one most technical on the guitar as well as percussion. She uses the Jambay, an African based drum, on certain songs. It's an interesting instrument, often sounding like more than one drum, according to Pam depending on how you strike it.

Their next-to-be-released CD is the first where the duo has written songs together, the girls feel it was a revealing and great experience, risking exposure through peeling off layers, much like their song Get Naked. Their trust in each other, they say, has produced more than expected and after a year in the studio, Providence says it paid off.

The bottom line is that Providence's music is so filled with fluid notes and sounds that range from calming you with angelic phrasing to riling you with a gritty vocal and drum, that the evening is over before you realize it leaving you with a good feeling. You know they've taken you somewhere for a little while and it's a pleasing experience that makes you smile.

- Accent Tampa Bay - October 2006


Providence Full Length CD entitled "Providence"

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Imagine Wynonna, Heart, Indigo Girls and Melissa Etheridge all fused together into one vibrant harmonizing bundle and you have the energetic force known as Providence.

Lush vocal harmonies are the cherry on top of this sundae. Strongly lyrical, with stick in your mind guitar licks and pumped up with pound your heart drumming only begins to describe the Providence experience. Fast garnering a place in the Southeastern Music Scene this Chic Rock band will reach in and grab hold of your soul.

Born in Tampa Bay when Texan Pam Green, Kentucky Girl Lisa Noe and Floridian Amy Black decided that separately they were good but together they are delicious! Newest addition Mary Knaus spices up the mix with her extraordinary vocals and percussion. They are rocking in the studio now recording their 2nd CD, due to be released summer 2007.