Providence Road

Providence Road

 Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

Thought provoking, presence oriented, cross generational Christian Music.


The presence of the Lord makes the difference as Providence Road responds to Jesus' call to open up to Him. The group's cross generational sound draws those in the Church and prodigals alike into an exceptional worship experience. Recognizing the modern music of U2, Newsboys, Coldplay as influences, the band credits prayer and the favor of God as key factors for any accomplishment. Each member of Providence Road is committed to winning the hearts of people with distinctive music to draw them closer to our Father in Heaven.

Lead singer, Jeff Woods and guitar player, John Laing played music together for over ten years at events such as America for Jesus, Washington DC, and Speed Street Festival in Charlotte, NC opening for Life House. Providence Road enjoys taking part of the regular worship rotation in their home church, MorningStar Fellowship in Fort Mill, SC (Charlotte, NC). The current lineup of Providence Road includes, John Laing, Jeff Woods, Joe Wilson and Clyde Vreeland.


Bless The Lord

Written By: Jeff Woods,

Verse 1:
Jumped on the train,
punched my ticket to the show
Across the tracks of love here I go
Raised my eyes towards Heaven
Used my faith so I could see,
I don’t care if we’re different
Your face looks like me,
Bless the Lord,
O my soul.
Bless the Lord,
O my soul.
Verse 2:
Tonight out on Main Street, I took a look around
Way above this madness, far above these crowds.
They say that on this mountain, there’s a light that Shines,
So lift up your voices, now is your time.
Repeat Chorus
So what if I’m not perfect?
So what if I am blind?
By grace I am able to finally make this climb.
Who cares if I’m not worthy?
Who cares if I can’t sing?
You know my every weakness; your love strengthens me.