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See Clearly (June 2005)



The group Pro-Vision was birthed in the year 2000 between three brothers, Lindsay C. Register Jr. (Blessed 1), Javon Register (J-V da Beatmaster), Tyrell Register (T-Rex Relentless), and by the unction of the Holy Spirit. These three brothers, on fire for God are on a mission to share the uncompromised, unadulterated word God and our Lord Jesus Christ via the avenue of music. Their music is fresh, new, anointed, and one that strikes directly into the heart of the listener and makes them catch on fire for God. Pro-Vision is releasing a soul-piercing, life-changing sound that catches the listener’s attention and leaves them asking for more. Once a person hears this sound, it is God himself that reaches down into the soul to awaken a dead and moribund spirit.

Blessed 1, the oldest of the group, is a licensed minister of Evangelical Faith Vision Ministries Inc. This humble servant of our Lord Jesus Christ is married to the beautiful Yaté Register. Lindsay's musical background started at an early age. At the tender age of three, he started singing with his mother and father. He started traveling from city to city in a gospel group. When he turned thirteen he fell in love with hip-hop, started rapping in 1991 and influenced his younger brothers and many other people around him to rap. While in the Bahamas he was introduced to K Bootz records as a member of a group called Unified. The group recorded three singles, two of them were nominated for five awards, and one received an award. He returned to the United States in 2000 and continues to use his ministry to change lives. He sees that God has blessed him with many different gifts to be a blessing to millions of people. This is why he is called Blessed 1.

J-V da Beatmaster, started his musical career at the age of eight. He did his first instrumental at the Seminole County Annual Field Day event when he was in the third grade. He was the DJ for the YRT (Young Righteous Teachers), which is the foundation of Pro-Vision. A year later in 1993, Blessed 1 discovered that J-V could rap. He ripped the stage and the crowd loved him. In 1995 YRT changed their name to the Diciples. That year the Diciples won a talent show in Florida due to J-V's electrifying performance. In school he showed early signs of being a producer when he created beats for his high school band. He also later began playing the keyboard for many different churches and became the most requested musician in the city. The fact that J-V was a great musician contributed to his ability to make beats. As the main producer for Pro-Vision, J-V is the mastermind behind the group’s marvelous beats. He is capable of penetrating the hearts of all people with his anointing for making music.

T-Rex the youngest of the group is currently enrolled at Savannah State University majoring in Marketing. Due to his family’s musical history, he grew up enjoying many types of music, especially rap and contemporary gospel. He knew he was blessed with the gift to rap at the age of seven. He elevated his gift by sparking-up freestyle sessions at school and listeners went crazy over his creative punch lines. He became known in other cities because of his gift. God has anointed him to write and rap in such a way that listeners are forced to stop on their tracks and consider their ways. He might be the youngest; but he is definitely the fire-starter of the group.

Together, the brothers are here to release the new fire of God. The music is fresh…the lyrics are hot…and audiences are left mesmerized after listening to Pro-Vision. Come and be a part of this new revolution, invite Pro-Vision to your city, town, or event. You will never be the same again!