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"The Consequence Album Review"

Provision - The Consequence

Behind Your Disguise
The Only Thing
Defying Culture
Someone Like You
The Consquence
Perversions Of Conventional Warfare

This is the third album for Provision, released on the Section44 label in 2006. This album is the first for the newest lineup for Provision, with Breye Kiser being joined by Carlos Covarrubias and Jen Foxx, after the departure of Leslie Hyman from the band. With the change in personnel, it's inevitable that the sound of the band would change somewhat, but once you listen to the album, you'll immediately recognize the distinctive Provision sounds are still here. The main difference between this album and the previous two is that the overall album isn't as singularly dance-focused. Several of the songs here are mid-tempo and slower tracks that allow the emotion and depth of the tracks to take front stage.

This album features two very interesting tracks, "Trust" & "Cruxified", which date back to the pre-Provision band U-N-I, and one of which ("Cruxified") was featured on the Catcompilation "Catscan1.0" way back in 1996. The track was very catchy way back then, and 10 years of musical maturation and development, when applied to the song, transform it into a utterly unforgettable track. But the highlight of this album is easily apparent once you hear it. "Fade", written and dedicated to Bastian, Breye's son, bleeds emotional sincerity from every note, and that alone will draw you into the track more than a catchy melody ever could.

I loved the closing line from "The Consequence", "From consequence there's no Defense". It's a great song in and of itself, but that closing cements it into my memory forever. Some great writing there. "Perversions Of Conventional Warfare" was made available as a free download prior to the release of this album, and it's a excellent dance anthem for Provision, blending the best of old and new Provision into a track that is simply all-around excellent.

There are several more songs I could highlight, but I'll sum it up this way: this is easily the best, most well-rounded and diverse Provision album yet. It's a excellent piece of work, and one I can easily Highly Recommend!

Added: Sunday, April 09, 2006
Reviewer: Jason Baker
Score: ***** 5 Stars!
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"Visualize Album Review"



Being born in the late seventies has caused me some serious retroactive pain, mostly in the form of massive economic setbacks. I have had to track down heaps of early-to-mid eighties releases and paid way too much for quite a few of them. Luckily my interest in electronic pop music started in time to grab some of the rare, but classic, late-eightites-to-early-nineties synthpop releases. Bands like Celebrate the Nun, Moskwa TV, Red Flag, Cetu Javu and the reincarnated Boytronic more or less became the soundtrack to my childhood days, albeit accompanied by some lingering Italo Disco.

Provision takes me back to those care free days of playing football (soccer!) at my parents' summer house, the stereo blasting out "Tekno Talk" or "Have in Mind" in the blistering heat. "Visualize" picks up this somewhat forgotten vein of the synthpop genre and does so with passion and integrity. Much more refined than its predecessor (the self-released "Evaporate"), this album gives us delightful melodies and straight-up pop songs, heavily relying on bouncing synths and skittering snare drums. The borderline "traditional" vocal may bug some listeners, but it works well in these machine constructed surroundings. Some production issues and a few uninspired efforts can not hold back Provision's impressively improving knack for churning out catchy semi-retro synthpop.

Rating: 7/10 - Release Music Magazine


Innocence (E.P.) 2002
Evaporate (L.P.) 2003
Devotion (E.P.) 2003
Visualize (L.P.) 2004
Could've Had It All (E.P.) 2004
The Consequence (L.P.) 2006
Ideal Warfare (E.P.) 2006



Since 2002, Provision has released 3 albums and 4 e.p.'s, appeared on numerous compilations; and produced numerous remixes for other electronic artists.

Provision toured the U.S. for their albums Evaporate and Visualize, and they've established themselves as a popular support act in the U.S. electronic music scene having shared the stage with Red Flag, Anything Box,
The Human League, When In Rome, Cause & Effect, Imperative Reaction, Icon of Coil, System Syn, Assemblage 23, Cesium_137, The Hunger,
Christopher Anton (Information Society), The Cruxshadows, and CTRL among others...

Provision has also performed live at numerous music festivals including Synthcon 2002, ADD2K4, ADD2K5, ADD2K6, SiNthetik Sk13s II, III & IV, Electro-Nexus, Summer Synthpop Festival 2003, Synthfest 2004, and as a vendor for A Different Drum at Convergence 10.

Provision shows combine “Live” synthesizers and electronic percussion,
non-stop energy, an incredible intelligent lighting show, and powerful vocals filled with lyrics that tug at the heart.

Provision has performed live in almost every type of imaginable setting, from dance clubs and live venues; to music conferences and outdoor festivals. Provision is comfortable sharing the stage with bands from any genre, and easily win new fans wherever they tour.

2009 marks the return of Provision with new members Joel Schafer of Asmodeus X on Drums, and Matthew Willis of Splendor Projekt on Synthesizers; performing brand new songs along with Provision classics to prove once again why they’re a band that you just have to see live!

Provision is recommended for fans of: Depeche Mode, Nine Inch Nails, Assemblage 23, Information Society, Front 242, Red Flag, Nitzer Ebb, Xymox, Imperative Reaction,
New Order, Anything Box, Cause & Effect, When in Rome, Icon of Coil (Now Combichrist), Skinny Puppy, VNV Nation, Ministry, etc…

Provision looks forward to hearing back from you in regards to bringing their live show to your venue, and we thank you for your time and consideration.