BandMetalNew Age

We are a strict heavy kick ass Metal/hardcore band, that has been compaired to Pantera,Lamb of God, HateBreed and others. We one HellYeah's Ball's Volume Strength tour contest so we could open for them in Wocester MA, and we are from ME. We beat the next closest band by over 200 votes!


We where formed at a small Mexican Cantina in Maine in the spring of 07' that had the most eclectic open mic night. After a name and line-up change we found the mix of members that clicked then we hunkered down in our jamspace to write new material and recorded a 4 song demo to get shows. We played our first show in August and then shows came rolling in like an avalance we hit the NEw Hampshire scene and it welcomed us with open arms we played with National acts FinnTroll, FireWind and Prong plus tons of local act that we net worked with to play other shows. Our biggest show was when we won the contest to plat with Otep, BloodSimple and HELLYEAH! They did not want our set to end and usually when you have a local band up before nationals the crowd acts like if you get off the stage quicker they will see the nationals sooner. When the stage manager told me our set time was up I went to James our singer and asked him to ask the crowd if they wanted to hear 1 more song and they respond with a huge YES. But the stage manager rules! Our influences are all over the place but we all meet at Metal Sepultra(with Max),Old Metallica, Pantera, Mudvayne, Slayer,God Forbid, Arch Enemy,Lamb of God,Bury Your Dead,Tool, Fear Factory(with Dino), Divine Herasy, Job for a Cowboy,Dillinger Escape Plan and a ton of others. What sets us apart is we want our music not to be boring to us or our fans so we work hard, to keep the heart in the art! People see through thee fad bands and we are staying true to the path that bands like Pantera, Slayer paved and that is keep it heavy and no matter how tempting never change your sound for the reason of fitting in to what ever is hot! Those 2 bands have done very well and we want to work our butts of to be able to play for who ever will listen and also give them there moneies worth when they buy a disc or merch by keeping it creative Like Tool for example, they have come out with the most artistic cd packaging with there last 3 releases pushing the envelope and making people want to go to the record stores!


We have a self recorded 4-song demo so far. Which is already musically outdated because of the improvements to those songs on it. We are recording a unrecorded song as I write this to put on 3 FM radio station's in Maine,and Mass. We are also doing a video for that same song as well as recording off the wall material,rehearsal and show footage to put up on our Myspace and on this to give fans a look at the fun we have

Set List

We are lucky because we can play for what ever time that is needed from us we have 8 songs now but we are able to improvise and crowds end up not even knowing that we came up with the material off the cuff.