Colossal, spaced-out basement boogie from the land of Pennsylvania. A powder keg live show is sure to uproot even the staunchest of wallflowers.


Prowler is a Philadelphia/NYC based act combining electronic dance beats with live instrumentation on top creating an infectious sound that has turned the most difficult room into rabid fans. The number 1 comment from people who are seeing Prowler live for the first time is, "Wow, I wasn't expecting that." Due to the extremely high energy stage presence and the willingness to just let loose and have the music take control of the band's members the crowd can do little to not be moved. With the full intent of avoiding anything that could be considered a "filler" track or a toss-a-way b-side Prowler's sets are a non-stop, relentless force thrown to the audience.


Communizzle (LP) Released 2006
1. World Domination
2. Pretty Bird
3. Uh Huh Yeah
4. Prowler Theme
5. Fresh
6. Keep It Bubblin
7. You're a Freak
8. Nancy
9. Poison Ivy

En Garde! (LP) released 2008
1. Holy Most
2. Beware Delaware
3. Pis Pis
4. OK Girl
5. Ahead of the Pack
6. Jimmy Legs
7. Be an Explorer
8. Spooky Pussy

Wooly Mammoth (LP) released 2010

Skinny Bones (Single) released 2011

We Can Do It Too (7") released 2012

Leap Year (Single) released 2012

Set List

Our set lists include a mix of songs from our albums and anything we have that is so current it is yet to be recorded. If given the opportunity to set our own time limit we will do 10 - 12 songs and last about one hour.