The equivalent of musical free-will. Making booties shake and voices quake, all while proudly carrying the torch that James lit. A post-punk electro funk menagerie.


In 1962 Centralia, Pennsylvania lit its garbage dump on fire, as had been the custom for the last hundred years to destroy its trash. Unfortunately, the fire quickly spread through a deep crevasse in the earth igniting an abandoned underground coal mine and unleashed a torrent of devastation for decades to come. Many efforts have been launched to extinguish the fires, but they continue to rage intermittent and uncontrollably. The county has been razed, itÂ’s zip code revoked and all have abandoned it in despair. Like the underground fires of Centralia, PROWLER has unleashed a torrent of explosive musical fire on Pennsylvania its neighbors along the Eastern Seaboard. Their post-punk electro funk kinetics have razed audiences, devastated dance parties and pushed the boundaries of performance to the delight and horror of many. Their sound is led by whip-sharp guitar pyrotechnics, soul/funk heavy bass, droning psychedelic synths, latin-crazy percussion, and a singer whose antics would cause Barnum E. Bailey to bat an eye lash. Their future will be as bright as any underground coal fire.


2006 'Communizzle' LP (self-release)
2006 'You're a Freak!' Single (self-release)

Set List

Delivered in 30 minutes or less is our motto.