Pro Wonder

Pro Wonder


My music walks alone. It is without a genre. Call it the 8th wonder. Call it Weird, but call it the truth. Before there were producers, there were composers. I am a composer and my music has meaning.


Pro Wonder grew up in Houma, LA (45 min southeast of New Orleans). A single mother that inspired her to be a performer raised her. This inspiration led Pro Wonder to learn to play piano at the age of 7 and then pick up the trumpet at the age of 9. At age 13, Pro Wonder discovered the art of making music electronically. She began making techno CDs. Being a girl, she was doubted by many and told to stick to activities more fit for a young lady. Pro Wonder decided she was going to defy odds and continue with her passion for music.
Pro Wonder found her way to Atlanta because she received a scholarship from Agnes Scott College, which was known to be a prestigious women's college ranked number one in the South. She also found this to be a wonderful opportunity since Atlanta was known as the number one spot for the music industry. If she was going to make it in the industry, she was going to do it in Atlanta while also obtaining a degree.


iRock, My Guitar, Never Ever Gonna Luv Ya, Bout My $$, Falls in My Hands

Set List

I typically do my released pieces. IN between each piece I drop a bit of information regarding the music like the idea behind the music or some spoken word. I would say that my set is about 30-40 minutes.