Proxy's Biblical Rock Opera is a revolutionary sound that couples Progressive Power Rock with Biblical stories and Scriptural Christian beliefs.


Michael Jimenez started the music writing process for the project that is now known as Proxy over six years ago and had recently decided it was time to assemble a team to add more life and lyrics to his music. He first found guitarist Jeremy Cobble who helped co-write the first body of music. Then later came to meet with vocalist Micah Nichole (the female vocal element which Michael wanted on the project) who in turn led him to Joseph Limper (the male vocal element). Through several musician changes, Michael has found the core of what is currently the sound of Proxy.
Proxy has performed at Disny's "Night of Joy" event for the 2011, 2012. Proxy's use of "Progressive Power Metal" to drive the music and story line could at times be compared to Rush, Nightwhish, Within Temptation, Flyleaf and Skillet.


Our debut self titled CD was released in the month of fall 2010
We are currently adding four new songs to the story line and remixing and mastering the original Proxy CD.

Our music can be listened to on Facebook.