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Aurora, Colorado, United States | INDIE

Aurora, Colorado, United States | INDIE
Band Hip Hop Hip Hop


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Enter a New Dimension (LP - 2000)
The Second Coming (LP - 2005)
Proximus (LP - 2009)
My (Single Hip Hope Hits 2009)
This is All Strategy (EP - 2011)
THEMagnificent (LP - 2011)



Proxy is the lead artist off of the new and excited Group Vigilant music service label. Group Vigilant is “alive music and art”; essentially meaning the artists bring life affirming music alive. They are a team of inspired innovators who write, create and produce music and art that testifies of the pains of the world, while providing a clear way out. While they create, they serve by regularly identifying specific places and ways in local communities where a direct and lasting impact can be made in the lives of those who the music is for.

“To Proxy, to literally speak through me” is the all-in-all of what Proxy represents. Born famous warrior or Lewis Brown, Jr. in 1979 to two musically inclined and God fearing parents, Dove Nominated artist Proxy’s future was just beginning. He would remain in his city of birth: Denver, Colorado and expand his wings in southern California. Returning “home” after many trials, failures, regrets, and very necessary life experiences, Proxy’s life aimed and took direction at purpose. During his prodigal son experience he held tight to the few things that were branded on his heart when he was a child. The first, that God would never leave or forsake him and the second, music. Through musical influences like The Winans, the Clark Sisters, Darrell Coley, and the many other gospel artists who’s songs rang through his home and in his soul, Proxy’s spirit was fed. He would never forget what being satisfied felt like.
Before he knew a break beat, Lewis knew gospel. But the day his mother returned home with a Steven Wiley tape would mark destiny. SFC, Freedom of Soul, the Dynamic Twins, the Tunnel Rats, D-Boy, IDOL King, GRITS, and many others soon became his voice. While countless youth found their identity in the streets, Lewis memorized lyrics. He wrote and re-wrote lyrics, learned to beat box, joined a break dance crew and forged his roots in Holy Hip Hop. No reckless life stint would erase this.
His lowest point would prove to be the most important opportunity, but prior to getting there Proxy picked up tools. The many poisons he ingested that were sure to end his life or kill his potential resulted in strength, passion, understanding, and an undeniable need for God. Because of them he can now connect. Life experiences taught him much about the struggle involved with being a slave to something or someone and the desperation in wanting freedom. While he fell - he grew. He soon hit a place of acknowledgement and his energy was then aimed at the past. But when black history and sociology left questions unanswered, he went back to where he started from: the Bible.
As his thirst for God deepened, his passion was reborn and joined with a new sound. The result was Prolife or progressive living, a goal focused - continual pursuit of the One that will never change, forsake or fail anyone. While this process ensued, the sound that defined his struggle took on a whole new meaning. Hip hop became a medium and Proxy vowed to use it. “I’ll never forget who I was. I thank God for that, but I am so focused on who I can be, Christ-like, it overshadows everything else. My music breathes that.”
His ultimate goal: to grab a hand in the dark and point them to the Light. Proxy aims to reach his contemporaries through true lyrics; true to the struggle, true to the need and true to The Answer, Jesus Christ. With conversational and story telling verses, Proxy shapes scenarios, fiction and non, over the most unique sounds resulting in his message. “Be aggressive if your life’s progressive! Let God use you to tell your story and change someone’s future for the better. That’s being a proxy and anyone can do that.” A conduit, tool, ambassador, and echo are Proxy and he will be heard.