Proyecto Sanluca - Raul Carnota
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Proyecto Sanluca - Raul Carnota

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1982 – “Como un Pájaro Libre” – Mercedes Sosa (Guest Artist) Polygram
1983 – “Suna Rocha / Raúl Carnota” – Polygram
1984 – “Esencia de mi Pueblo” – Polygram
1985 – “Memoria Adentro” – Polygram
1986 – “Este es Raúl Carnota” – Compilation – Polygram
1987 – “Entre la Ciudad y el Campo” – Confluencia
1988 – “Grito en el Cielo I” – Leda Valladares – Guest Artist – Lamar Records
1990 – “Grito en el Cielo II” – Leda Valladares – Melopea Records
1994 – “Contrafuego” – Melopea Records
1998 – “Reciclón” – (Live Concert) – Acqua Records
1999 – “Fin de Siglo” – Acqua Records
2000 – “Sólo los Martes” – Acqua Records
2005 – “Espejos I and II” – Acqua Records
2007 – “Retrospectiva” – Acqua Records



Raul Carnota
Singer, author, composer, guitar player, percussionist and performer, on Argentinean- root popular music.
He was born in October 30th, 1947, in Almagro, City of Buenos Aires, República Argentina.

Music and poetry talents are gather in him, grabbing on roots without calling himself a traditional, nor taken by the prejudges of those, Carnota has developed and offered a rigid ethic with a flexible esthetic, conjoined.

In his teenage years, he participated as a part of semi professional music groups premiering some of his compositions.

In 1972 he accompanied the famous Argentinean piano player Adolfo Ábalos in: “The Piano and its Three Dimensions”, the show he shared with Enrique Villegas and Horacio Salgán, respective greater exponents of jazz and tango music.

Between 1974 and 1979, he was accompanied musician of different performers such as: Susana Rinaldi, Los Huanca Hua, Adolfo Ábalos, Enrique Llopis, Hamlet Lima Quintana, Armando Tejada Gómez, Silvia Iriondo and Cuarteto Sur.

In 1979, he created with pianist Eduardo Spinassi and percussionist Rodolfo Sánchez, an instrumental trio that came along with deep work in recreation of rhythms, giving base and identity to his composing pieces, that served as a reference for a whole new generation of musicians, and became a before and after, in root popular Argentinean music.

In 1983, he edited his first LP and was invited by the greatest female Argentinean singer of all times “The voice of America” Mercedes Sosa, to record with her two tracks of his own: “Salamanqueando pa’ mí” and “Grito Santiagueño”.
With this last track, a root folk song could get to the massive media diffusion accomplished after many years. After all, both songs became classics of popular music in his country.

In 1986, the Press Union of Córdoba, gave him the award “Best Author and Performer” In the national fest of Cosquín. The mentioned popular fest, gathers ten thousand people each of his nine night of duration.

In 1993, he was recognized with the award: “Enrique Santos Discépolo”,

In 1995 he was nominated for the Konex Awards.
He obtained the award “Music of Folk Projection – Trimarg- UNESCO” on 1997 and also on 2000.
In 2005, he won the “Konex Platinum Award” for his work in the field of author and composer of Folk Argentinean Music.

He is owner from lyrics to music, of a certain variety of songs as the huayno “Sólo Luz”; the zamba “Camino hacia Quimili”; the chacareras “Mota de Coplas” and “La Aclaradora”; the gato “Gatito e´ las Penas”; the vidalas “Runaj Manta” y “Eran las tres de la tarde”; the milongas “Memoria Adentro” and “Artesano del Silencio”; or the aire de chaya “Luz de Nueve Lunas”.

In other creations co writes with: Teresa Parodi, Perla Aguirre, Jorge Marziali, Ica Novo and Popi Spatocco, among others.

From 1977, his songs have been recorded for Mercedes Sosa, Suna Rocha, Liliana Herrero, Ángela Irene, Laura Albarracín, Silvia Iriondo, Lilián Saba, María de los Angeles Ledesma, Ariel Ramírez, Jaime Torres, Alfredo Ábalos, Los Chalchaleros, Luciano Pereyra, Abel Pintos, Cantoral, Carlos Torres Vila, Chango Nieto, Los Indios Tacunau, Los Nocheros de Anta, Santaires, ‘Caracol’ Paviotti, Juan Carlos Cambas, Claudio Sosa, Coqui Sosa, Mili Bermejo (USA), Richard Villalón (México), among many others.
Between 1995 and 1997, he lived in the US, where realized a great number of shows and performances and creations, such as the huayno “Mishky 3063”or the vidala “Desandando”.

Since 1997, he is back in Argentina, continuing his duties that include presentations all over the country, such as Centro Cultural General San Martín, Centro Cultural Borges, Theatre Presidente Alvear, SADE, Oliverio, Teatro Cervantes, etc.

In 2001 and 2005 he went on tour for different countries of Europe, presenting his repertory live in many cities of Spain, France, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, and Czech Republic.

Actually, he is devoted to accomplish a tight schedule of concerts on National Tour for Argentina, preparing a new recording material, as well as organizing his up coming next international tour.