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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Butterfly CD Review"

" wraithlike pop with an adult dose of Clearwater’s acerbic —and typically Australian—sense of humor.
-Paul Griffith

- Nashville Scene

"South by Southeast Music Feast"

"...the real eye-opener was Clearwater,
a beautiful Aussie with a honey-toned voice and some killer dance moves"
- Kent Kimes NIGHT CAP - The Sun News, Myrtle Beach

"Lovechild CD review"

Seldom has a ...CD been released in
Australia with the power and delivery
of Pru Clearwater's brilliant debut CD
- Lovechild. 

With two charting hits under her belt
already - Kiss Me Stupid and Big Old
World, this talented and vivacious
Independent entertainer has scored
a Best New Talent nomination at the
2000 Golden Guitars...

The whole album is delightful - 10
and a half songs (the last song is
only a fraction over 1 minute long)
all wonderfully entertaining and well
written... display(ing) a remarkable
skill in words and melody.
"Big Old World" is a favorite with a
strong "get with it" message. My
other personal favorite is "All That's
Missing" with its timeless pathos. 

In every way, Lovechild is a strong
woman's declaration to the world.
Many songs have a kick that makes
you want to dance. Many make you
want to cry - every one makes you
want to celebrate. The album has
been a constant occupant of my CD
player since I recieved it. 

This should be the benchmark for all
new releases in the year 2000. 

I give her a big NINE and a HALF out
of TEN!  
- CD REVIEW by Deborah Minter 
- ICE News


"a package that includes stunning looks,
impressive songwriting talent, powerful
onstage presentation and a personality
that simply radiates sunshine!"

- Susan Jarvis
Sydney Morning Herald - Sydney Morning Herald


cd's in progress:



Chillaxin' - w/ the Big Happy 2007
the Big Happy - w/ the Big Happy 2006
Butterfly 2005
Lovechild 2000
Misty Mountain/Mountain Rain (single 2000)
Kinda Exactly (single 2001) from compilation Open Road 3




"a collective explorative feast for the eyes, ears, mind and spirit"

'twas a scuba-licious experience that led to the birth of
the INFINITE FIELD - an encounter with a turtle at
60 ft beneath the surface of the ocean, Earth-wandering
aussie Pru Clearwater dissolved her human form and, in true
aesthetic arrest, followed "the turtle into the sun…”
consciousness rising synapsic shifting inspiration gushing
new and surprising rhythm and mass harmonic weaving ensued…
resulting in the INFINITE FIELD!

musically the INFINITE FIELD presents a whimsical tableau
of several pru-sical entanglements… from the ever-wending
co-creation that is FASCINATIONISTA, thru joyous migratory
treasures of SEA and TREE to the slip stream of consciousness
manifesting PEACE AQUATICA!

behold! beautiful guests, transcendent saturnalia,
experi-merriment-al espieglerie, and vibrational vivacity!!

"simply radiates sunshine"
- Susan Jarvis
Sydney Morning Herald

From Pouria's blog:
"Last night I had the honor to be a part of a very exceptional
and inspirational experience. This collective experience that was
entitled the Infinite Field was a collection of incredible music, poetry,
dance, and more. Following a peak experience last year while
scuba diving, new music flowed through Pru Clearwater thus
creating this amazing live performance. Pru’s new songs were so
energetic, inspirational, moving, and uplifting. Her voice is so beautiful
and her songs magical. The band members’ talent and collective flow
contributed to the warm energy that permeated the whole space.
The audience members were mesmerized by their performance..."
read the rest of pouria's experience here:



thank you for visiting our sonicbids site!

music is such an incredible and powerful art form.
i love it's ability to create an exotic atmosphere that
transports the listener to unique places, to open
hearts and minds, to inspire, to release, to energize,
to move, to comfort, and to make a real difference.

i am constantly amazed by the beauty and depth of
the new material manifesting as the INFINITE FIELD
- and want to share it's energy and joy with as many
people as possible...

please enjoy the site and email with any questions or
if you just want to say hi:

love, light and peace!


In her diverse career Pru has performed on many
varied stages including:
The Sydney Opera House (Australia)
The Royal Albert Hall (London)
Summerfest (USA)
The Bluebird Cafe (Nashville, USA)
Frankfurt Zoo (Germany)
Auckland Casino (New Zealand)
Little Fox Theatre (Cali.)
The Australian Festival (Nashville USA)
Kalimantan and Kuching (Borneo, Malaysia),
Cannes (France)
Jakarta and Bali (Indonesia)
The Virgin Islands (UK & USA)
and can be seen around Nashville playing the
Exit/In, Mercy Lounge, Cafe Coco The End, and Family Wash.

She has performed live on TV and on national,
international and internet radio, and receives airplay
in Australia, New Zealand, UK, USA, Canada and