Prussian Blue

Prussian Blue


Only 14 years old and already on the forefront of the only really alternative music scene; true pioneers of White Nationalist music. Pride in who you are and where you came from, Love for your people and Hope for the future are all elements that come forth in the music of Prussian Blue.


Prussian Blue is the combination of two cute, blonde, and talented 14-year-old twin sisters named Lynx and Lamb. It is also probably one of the most controversial upcoming bands on the scene today.

In a day and age when most bands are working hard to remain within self-imposed limits of Politically Correct Thought, Prussian Blue pushes the envelope. Within the fold of White Nationalist Rock, one of the only true alternatives to the corporate music and recording business, these two little girls have filled thousands of their fans with love and hope for the future.

Also, within White Nationalist Rock, they stretch the envelope even more to create and sing songs that are of the unexpected. Personal beliefs and experiances are delicately woven with upbeat rhythms and poignant lyrics to create something that is guarenteed to catch the listener off guard and create a reaction.


Hey Hey

Written By: Lamb

Hey Hey
Every day,
See you at school,
What can I say,
You, You You seem so cool,
You glance at me and I turn a fool.
My, My By and by,
Tell me your name, And don’t be shy.
Oh, oh What do you know,
You like me too,
And you let it show.
In between class,
I see you,
Walking out of math.
Will you sit beside me,
at lunch time, Should I ask?
Will my face turn red,
And will I forget what to say,
Will I stutter,
Or will I just look down,
As you walk by?
See, see
You look at me,
I look away,
Oh great oh gee.
Now, now
I don’t know how,
We’re face to face,
oh great oh wow!

Not a Problem

Written By: Lynx

You can stay afraid
Alone in the dark
But at least I’m out here
In the light…..
At least I’m not afraid
To say what I think
While your thoughts stay hidden
Out of sight….

So there’s not a problem
With the way I was raised
There’s not a problem
You shouldn’t be afraid

At least I’m not alone
I’ve come out of the dark
While your all alone Inside your own world…
Well its time that you faced
The real world honey Though you might not prefer
Reality….. There’s not a problem,
With what I believe.

When I'm With You

Written By: Lamb

You make me feel,
Like I’m in the air.
You make me feel,
Like I’m very fair.
Oh my head is spinning,
Like I’m off the ground,
Oh my head is spinning,
I’m glad its you I found.

Its up
All around,
Are my feet on the ground?
My world is spinning,
When I’m with you,
When I’m with you……

Oh my world falls down,
When you are not here.
But you pick it up again,
Wipe away my tears.
We can dance round and round,
Completely oblivious,
To what is going on.
What matters is us.


Written By: Lamb

What do you think of me now,
That you know who I am,
What do you think of me?
What do you say of that plan,
That we had for so long,
Why did it have to change?
How is it so hard to forget,
What people say,
When they say it face to face?
I can’t change the truth,
You can’t change the truth,
I’m all I’ll ever be.
You just wish that you could erase time,
But now you can’t,
When everyone laughed at me,
You, you laughed at me too…

I’m still the same,
You’re the one who’s changed,
I’m still the same,
You’re rearranged


*December 2004 -Fragment of the Future- released first with Resistance Records and then independantly.14 tracks

* July 2005 BUST magazine does bio on Prussian Blue comparing them to Smoosh.

*December 2005-The Path We Chose- produced and released independantly -9 tracks

* October 2005- Victory Day, Lamb near the Lane, I Will Bleed For You- music videos released . All three videos appeared on national TV shows including; Hannity and Combs, Scarborough County, Inside Editon, The Big Idea, Bill OReilly, Primetime ABC etc.

*October 2005- press frenzy of international stories about Prussian Blue appear all over the Globe.

* October 2005- logs 1 million hits in 24 hours after ABC Primetime show

*October 2005- "Prussian Blue" hits #1 spot on Google search

*November 2005- Prussian Blue mentioned and their music played on Howard Stern radio show. PB mentioned in Newsweek, Bliss ( UK) etc. Press fenzy continues throughout the US, Europe and Australia.

* November 7th 2005- Newsweek. picture and short bio.

*December 2005- Australia's Gallup government discusses moves to block entry of PB from Australia by denying their visas, meanwhile Australian Council for Civil Liberties argues against nationwide ban on their music saying it would only increase their notoriety!!

*January 2006- Prussian Blue's Lynx and Lamb appear in Elle Girl magazine ( pg 74) and create teen girl frenzy of fan letters to

* March 2006 GQ magazine- 6 page full color article by Aaron Gell, " Mean Girls"

* April2006 Blender magazine full page picture and bio, Blender votes Prussian Blue to be "rocks craziest fanatics".

* Numerous foreign mentions including but not limited to magazine and newspaper articles in Greece, Iceland, Sweden, Germany, Australia, Netherlands, Belgium,France,Italy and Brazil.

June 2006 Fathers Day release of " Your Daddy" as single

July 2006 release of "Stand Up" as single

Set List

The Stranger
Road to Valhalla
I will Bleed for You
Hey Hey
When I'm with You
Snow Fell
Our Vinland
Gone with the Breeze
Ocean of Warriors

*Two sets usually 30-45 minutes long each and are a mix of origionals and covers.