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The best kept secret in music


"Earcandy magazine April 2006"

Prussian Blue,"The Path We Chose" (Indie Release)

Prussian Blue is proof that the mainstream media really has their heads up their ass. If you believed just half of the bad press this teen duo has had to endure, you would picture them as Neo-Nazi's, whose only talent is inciting hateful lyrics. The enlightened press would also have you believe that they are in the same category as the White supremacist band Screwdriver. Well, not so on all counts. I keep an open ear ready to pounce upon any 'racist' lyrics and found none whatsoever. Sure, they have a song that talks about the glory of fighting and dying for what you believe in during World War I. But this is a far cry from goose-stepping, brown-shirted teens. By now I'm sure you've seen the picture of the twins wearing the "have a nice day" t-shirts with a Hitler mustache. But when Brian Jones of the Rolling Stones wore an SS uniform for a photo shoot, and when Keith Moon paraded around in a Rommel Field Marshal outfit, the press didn't call the Rolling Stones or The Who Nazis. Maybe Prussian Blue is simply being blatantly outrageous for the sake of pointing out the bias of the press. Certainly the press can't blast them for being prideful of their beliefs and background? I guess the press doesn’t see that their behavior reeks more of Nazi-ism than Prussian Blue.

If you weren't prejudiced by the press and knew nothing about their bad rap, you would think that they were just another of the variety of present-day pop bands fronted by female singers. However, Prussian Blue is above average when compared to the Hillary Duff types. They write a lot of their original material and it is a catchy as hell. "When I'm With You" is a prime example. It is a typical love song with an infectious melody that you can't get out of your head. What is the song about? Race riots? Ethnic cleansing? No - it is simply your typical teenage-crush song. Too bad all this nonsense takes the focus away from the main thing - that Prussian Blue plays above-average pop marketed to teens.
Rating: ****

Review by Scott H. Platt

- Earcandy magazine

"The Path We Chose reviewed"

AFTER THEY weathered out quite a little storm of publicity, Prussian Blue -- 13-year-old identical twin musicians Lynx and Lamb Gaede -- have now finished their second CD, titled The Path We Chose. It is a giant leap beyond their first release, Fragment of the Future. In this new CD the girls perform with a full band and a much more refined, professional sound. Most of the songs are of a pop or alternative-rock genre, with a mix of non-political songs, a few covers, and songs that are subtly nationalist.

Many readers will know of Prussian Blue from the delirious hissy-fit thrown by various controlled media mouthpieces after the girls were featured in an ABC hack-report. I'll examine some of the underlying political aspects of that later -- for now I'll look at the new CD in itself.

The Path We Chose consists of nine tracks and is a little over a half an hour long. It is being independently produced by Prussian Blue and their family.

The first song is an acoustic guitar instrumental called "Notes to Lynx" with a smooth, solemn, folkish tone.

After that we move on to track two, titled "Hey, Hey." This is the first of three very girly-girl-type pop songs. "Hey, Hey" is about a girl having schoolyard crush on a boy. The second girly-girl song is track five, which is untitled -- this one is about having a crush on a boy, but then not liking him anymore. The third one is track six, "When I'm With You" -- all about hanging out with a boy the songwriter likes. All three songs were written by Lamb -- she must be a busy socialite these days. Judging by the cheerful, upbeat tone, comfortably swift tempo, and the sincerity of her voice, she must be a pretty successful socialite as well.

Now, if you're a tough guy, a really big, bad tough guy, these are definitely not the songs you want playing on your stereo when your big, bad tough guy friends come over. These are the type of songs a big, bad tough guy only listens to alone -- behind locked doors.

However, if you're an adolescent girl, you'll probably love those songs and play them all the time. Given the catchy rhythms, sharp guitar work, and the high quality of the recording, I will not be surprised if more than a few girls listen to those tracks until they come close to wearing out their CD players. While the lyrics may not be quite what those of us who are big, bad tough guys are looking for, they are in fact very, very well written. Lamb is a solid, naturally talented songwriter and her music will be well received by its intended audience.

Fortunately, the other six songs are perfectly safe for big, bad tough guys to listen to.

Out of the nine tracks on this CD only two are covers. The first is track seven, "Ocean of Warriors" -- a classic nationalist song written by Ken McLellen. The second is track eight, "Green Fields of France," another nationalist classic. For those not familiar with the song, "Green Fields of France" is a moving ballad about the horrible loss of life on the battlefields of Europe in WWI. Prussian Blue's cover of it was done with an appropriate traditional-folk style. It is my favorite song on the CD.

There are three original songs on the CD that have a subtle nationalist tone. I was able to see them perform these songs live at a few different festivals earlier this year. Track three, "The Stranger," is a musical adaptation of a Rudyard Kipling poem about encountering someone of a foreign race and culture. The lesson from the encounter is expressed as follows:

This was my father's belief
And this is also mine:
Let the corn be all one sheaf --
And the grapes be all one vine,
Ere our children's teeth are set on edge
By bitter bread and wine

"Changes," track nine, is about people's reaction when they are exposed to ideas or facts not endorsed by the ruling elite -- such as nationalism. As with all of the songs written by Lamb, the lyrics are written from a first-person point of view. This is definitely the best way to write songs, since it gives a much greater emotional impact.

Track three is titled "Not a Problem" and was written by Lynx. It is a response to the criticism her parents are receiving because they are telling her the truth about things such as race, modern politics, propaganda, and demographic change -- criticism that reached a point of hysteria from several establishment media outlets over the past few months.

I thought the anti-White, multiracialist reaction to Prussian Blue, though totally predictable, was a fascinating look into one of the most deeply rooted and influential philosophies that forms the foundation of liberal thinking. It's the reason multiracialists are so obsessed with and so infuriated by Prussian Blue -- and it all started 750 years ago in Italy.

That was when a distinguished Italian philosopher named Thomas Aquinas formed a theory called "tabula rasa"-- known today as "blank slate." Later, in the late 1600s, another distinguished philosopher, an Englishman named - reviewed by David Daugherty

"Fragment of the Future review"

WHILE SOME WORK is being finalized on the Prussian Blue e-store, music fans who want the new Prussian Blue CD can get it from the band's own Ebay page -- and you'll get two tracks you can't get on the censored version. Best of all, you can get your copy autographed by the artists, the multitalented, bright as a button and twice as cute 12-year-olds Lynx and Lamb Gaede. And you'll know you're supporting honest White nationalism when you buy.

This is the controversial new CD, Fragment of the Future by the pioneering girl band Prussian Blue. This band has taken the underground music world by storm. They're giving hope to White people and nightmares to the ususal suspects. Own a piece of history and get your CD signed by the musicians themselves. All proceeds of sales go to the band directly. Songs include Road to Valhalla, Victory Day, Sacrifice, The Snow Fell, Gone with the Breeze, Aryan Man Awake, Skinhead Boy (the censored track), I Will Bleed for You (my personal favorite!), and many more. - by Melanie M. Carroll

"Fragment of the Future"

Before examining the musical aspects of this CD I will address a few misconceptions that are frequently leveled against it. I don’t remember seeing a CD that has enraged the multi-cult the same way this one has. Even before the CD was released earlier this year various internet message boards lit up with discussions about it.

The most prominent accusation made is the girls are being used as a propaganda tool. To classify Prussian Blue’s music as propaganda one would have to twist the word “propaganda” to include anything. Propaganda is the deliberate use of the media to coerce or influence a peoples’ behavior. Propaganda is usually orchestrated by the establishment and usually leverages itself on strong emotions, such as fear. Two girls having fun producing their own CD does not constitute propaganda.

There is also the one about the girls being too young to understand politics and they are being forced to do everything by their mother. An average twelve-year-old should be able to fully understand basic political concepts of freedom; in particular freedom of speech, association, religion, and assembly. This isn’t calculus III. I have corresponded and spoke with their mother many times. She is not dumb, irrational, irresponsible, or a ‘hater’. I have a very hard time picturing her forcing her children to perform.

I’ve never been to Europe so I can’t speak with any authority about the public education system there. I can, however, speak with a great deal of authority about public education here in the United States, since I was subjected to public education here not that long ago. In the U.S. children are subjected to propaganda. I’m not talking about some shady conspiracy theory or something that might be misconstrued as propaganda if you look at it from an extreme perspective. I’m talking about an open, deliberate, well planned propaganda campaign, orchestrated by the state, aimed at school children. And don’t think that these people are coy about what they are doing. They are very open with their agenda and will proudly boast about the way they are influencing children.

Not long ago in New England a “diversity consultant” bragged to a reporter that her training program will make White children feel ashamed and intimidated. Shortly after that a private school hired her, with full knowledge of what she had said earlier. Here in my home state of Florida we have “mandatory Holocaust training” (I was subjected to this myself) for all children grades one through twelve. There is also a “Miller early childhood development program”, which is a propaganda program designed to teach toddlers the basic ideals of left-wing radicalism. Toddlers! We have the ADL to thank for that one.

In the U.S. there are many highly aggressive propaganda programs aimed at children. Children do have the ability to understand politics. The establishment wants to instill the ideals of multi-racialism, anti-nationalism, and globalism into them. It is the parents’ responsibility to give them an adequate intellectual defense by teaching them the basic concepts of racial and cultural identity and explaining the suicidal fallacies behind anti-nationalism.

This makes April Gaede the smartest and most responsible parent I have ever seen. She doesn’t want her girls to become drug addicts, prostitutes, or rabid feminists and she doesn’t want Black, Asian or Mestizo grandchildren. She wants her daughters to become intelligent, healthy women who make good life decisions and give her grandchildren that share her families’ heritage and identity. By teaching them the concepts and ideas of nationalism her children are far more likely to make healthy decisions in life. By raising them to be active in nationalism it is even more unlikely that they will behave in a self-destructive manner. Her daughters will already have knowledge that many people refer to as an “awakening”.

The CD is primarily soft ballads with acoustic guitar and violin. When you listen to the first tracks on the CD you can tell the girls are nervous. They make a few mistakes and there’s a certain uncomfortable sound in their voices. By the time they reach track 4 “Our Vinland”, they start to settle in and their performance has a smoother, more natural sound. When they get to track 5 “Sacrifice”, they’re sounding pretty good. Tracks 5, 9, 10, 11, and 12 are the best. Most of their songs have an explicitly nationalist subject.

Track List:
1. Road to Valhalla
2. Victory Day
3. Weiss Weiss Weiss
4. Our Vinland
5. Sacrifice
6. Panzerlied
7. The Snow Fell
8. Gone with the Breeze
9. Aryan Man Awake
10. I will bleed for You
11. Lamb near the Lane
12. Victory
13. Sisters

When listening to this it’s important to remember that it’s a debut CD produced by a pair of 11-year-olds. With that in mind the CD, as a whole, is quite impressive. They don’t have the very polished, professional sound of the much more experienced, adult bands such as Saga or Annett, but i - Heritage and Destiny ( UK)

"The Path We Chose"

Review by: David Johhn, Richard Allen Stewart

Lynx and Lamb (better known as Prussian Blue) shine in their latest release entitled, "The path we chose." Now accompanied by a full band and a few more year's of musical growth, this cd radiates with the twins youthful energy and vocal talent. Lyrically the girls have expanded their range to cover matters close to any teenager's heart, such as love in the songs, "Hey Hey" and "When I'm with you". But Lynx and Lamb have not forgotten their pro-White convictions and this is where their voices resonate the strongest, with such fiery pride filled tracks like "Not a problem", and the equally breath-taking "The stranger". This album shows Prussian Blue can compete with any mainstream pop band out there while also tackling much more profound subject matter than any of them would dare. This album is addicting and a must have for any racially conscious White person. Prussian Blue have not just chosen a path, but are blazing a new path in the White pride music world - Battlecry Music


*December 2004 -Fragment of the Future- released first with Resistance Records and then independantly.14 tracks

* July 2005 BUST magazine does bio on Prussian Blue comparing them to Smoosh.

*December 2005-The Path We Chose- produced and released independantly -9 tracks

* October 2005- Victory Day, Lamb near the Lane, I Will Bleed For You- music videos released . All three videos appeared on national TV shows including; Hannity and Combs, Scarborough County, Inside Editon, The Big Idea, Bill OReilly, Primetime ABC etc.

*October 2005- press frenzy of international stories about Prussian Blue appear all over the Globe.

* October 2005- logs 1 million hits in 24 hours after ABC Primetime show

*October 2005- "Prussian Blue" hits #1 spot on Google search

*November 2005- Prussian Blue mentioned and their music played on Howard Stern radio show. PB mentioned in Newsweek, Bliss ( UK) etc. Press fenzy continues throughout the US, Europe and Australia.

* November 7th 2005- Newsweek. picture and short bio.

*December 2005- Australia's Gallup government discusses moves to block entry of PB from Australia by denying their visas, meanwhile Australian Council for Civil Liberties argues against nationwide ban on their music saying it would only increase their notoriety!!

*January 2006- Prussian Blue's Lynx and Lamb appear in Elle Girl magazine ( pg 74) and create teen girl frenzy of fan letters to

* March 2006 GQ magazine- 6 page full color article by Aaron Gell, " Mean Girls"

* April2006 Blender magazine full page picture and bio, Blender votes Prussian Blue to be "rocks craziest fanatics".

* Numerous foreign mentions including but not limited to magazine and newspaper articles in Greece, Iceland, Sweden, Germany, Australia, Netherlands, Belgium,France,Italy and Brazil.

June 2006 Fathers Day release of " Your Daddy" as single

July 2006 release of "Stand Up" as single


Feeling a bit camera shy


Prussian Blue is the combination of two cute, blonde, and talented 14-year-old twin sisters named Lynx and Lamb. It is also probably one of the most controversial upcoming bands on the scene today.

In a day and age when most bands are working hard to remain within self-imposed limits of Politically Correct Thought, Prussian Blue pushes the envelope. Within the fold of White Nationalist Rock, one of the only true alternatives to the corporate music and recording business, these two little girls have filled thousands of their fans with love and hope for the future.

Also, within White Nationalist Rock, they stretch the envelope even more to create and sing songs that are of the unexpected. Personal beliefs and experiances are delicately woven with upbeat rhythms and poignant lyrics to create something that is guarenteed to catch the listener off guard and create a reaction.