Chicago, Illinois, USA

Indie singer-songwriter rock with electronic, electric, and acoustic instrumentation, powerful songwriting, and strong female vocals. Think Kate Bush meets the Postal Service.


Vocally, I've been told I'm a blend of Kate Bush, Tom Waits, and Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, if that's possible. My guitar playing sounds a bit like Joni Mitchell because I have a system of tunings similar to hers, but my style is more dissonant and aggressive and I like to run the guitars through loopers and effects, changing the sound. You can hear influences ranging from Patti Smith to Zeppelin to Radiohead in the songs, but they have their own life.


In 2008, I released my first self-produced CD, natural history, on dreamlab.

Previously, I released 8 titles on an indie label called QORQ Productions.

There is an archive of my work with streaming audio, cd sales, and downloads on my web site,

Set List

A typical set is 30 minutes to 1 hour, all originals. I have written a lot of songs, so I can't list them all here, but the current batch can be heard at