Prying Eyes

Prying Eyes


You have it all here with Prying Eyes. Everything that a metal band should be. Great music, great stage presence, entertaining antics, intense, focused on providing the audience with what they came to see & hear.


How do you describe the sound of the metal-core band Prying Eyes? Take melodic metal with a few breakdowns, a touch of black metal, influences from Lamb of God, Unearthed, Shadows Fall & As I Lay Dying, and one might understand why Prying Eyes rocks so hard. Metal-core is the new emerging genre that takes the hard sounds of metal to a higher level, placing high expectations on attention to composition and technical ability. The band members are Doug Crooks on drums, Drew Deinhart thumping the bass, brother Dan Deinhart and the newest band member, Nico Santora, teaming up on guitar. Earl Scott completes the quintet with his vocal prowess. Achieving this sound shows maturity beyond their age.

Founding members Doug and Dan started composing over five years ago. In 2003, jamming lead to their Nu-metal band “Dementia,” with Earl quickly learning how to overcome the limitations of the human voice. Although they gained a loyal local fan base and were performing regularly, a shift in members occurred in 2005. The addition of Drew to bass and Nico to guitar lead to the Prying Eyes line up we know and love today. With new minds, a dedication to a new sound emerged and the band infused their sound with Metal-core, adding more technically-challenging musical arrangements. Prying Eyes is able to do this while continuing to play at the highest energy level, and sustaining overwhelming stage presence and crowd response.
With this persona, Prying Eyes found themselves successful as the winner of many Battle of the Bands (North Ft. Myers, Cape Coral, Lake Worth) and performing in cities from Cape Coral to Naples, Sarasota, Tampa, and Daytona Beach. With huge local popularity, and a budding state-wide fan base, the band has plans for a regional tour in June. Prying Eyes have put their personal lives on hold to devoting all their efforts and energy into their dreams of professional producing their own music and lyrics, and redefining a genre.

2006 Accomplishments

1/06 Radio 92.5 interview
3/06 Reindeer Records Best Young Florida Band – multi-genre contest finishing 7th overall
4/06 My Space Web Site hit 7200 plays and 6800 views
5/13 Band performs at Cornerstone, FL

2005 Accomplishments

4/05 Winner of local Battle of the Bands (North Ft. Myers, FL) against 7 other bands
9/05 Winner of Cape Coral’s Coconut Festival Battle of the Bands. Judged by 92.5 Real Rock DJ, (Cape Coral, FL) in front of a crowd of 700 hundred beat out 6 other bands
10/05 Winner of Skatezone Battle of the Bands. Judged by Revolver Magazine reporter (Lake Worth, FL) against 14 other bands
11/05 Second place winner of semi-finals Battle of the Bands. Missed 1st place by one audience vote. Clubhouse Tavern (Sarasota, FL) against 14 other bands

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Demo CD is ready.