New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

Prytania is an emerging rock band from New Orleans, Louisiana. Currently the band is working on an all-expense paid E.P. with David Troia of Balance Studios, which they won in a Battle of the Bands at the Green Room in Covington, Louisiana.


Prytania, the New Orleans based alternative/progressive rock band, originally formed in 2009. The band immediately began to create intense music and in just six short months put together a six track self-titled EP, that garnered attention for its creative upside, hooks, musical psyche, and technical proficiency. Prytania’s single and video, entitled “Hurt Like New”, sparked excitement in the New Orleans area, which began the buildup of a loyal fan base that continues to support their favorite local band. The band members, Michael Portinari, bass; Ben Gendusa, drums; Joe Duzac, synthesizer; Jack Hatty, guitar; and Wayne Miller, vocals, are currently working on their next EP, debuting in May 2012.


EP (May 2012 Release):

1. Hurt Like New
2. Last Laugh
3. Antidote
4. Dead Inside
5. Saint