Psalmist MDB

Psalmist MDB

 Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Smooth, yet funky urban gospel mixed with a "lazy Saturday afternoon" sound


With vocal stylings akin to Stevie Wonder and Raphael Saddiq, Psalmist Michael D. Bonner uses his appreciation for 70s funk and 90s New Jack Swing and "Jeep" Soul to create a dynamic and unique music ministry. After giving his heart and life to Jesus and accepting His call, Bonner is now an accomplished artist and songwriter in the Black Gospel music sector. He continually strives to excel musically and fulfill the musical needs of the gospel and soul community. In addition to his solo work, Bonner now has the pleasure of introducing the Perfected Prayze Youth Choir to the saved and unsaved world. Anointed by God in early 1998, Bonner has constantly pushed a new kind of musical interaction on behalf of His Lord Jesus Christ. Make no mistake, the man puts God first and it shows in his company and in his work.

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Rather Be Free

Written By: Michael D. Bonner (Words and Music)

You might say that God is holding me down
Keeping fun away and having me stressed out
You might say that I'm too uptight
cause it costs too much for me to have a pure life
You might say that Jesus really dont care
if it means worldly pleasures I cant share
You might say all of these things
just to help me do as I please

But since the choice is up to me
I'd rather be free through Jesus
(repeat 3x)

You might say that I don't need no help
All I hafta do is "express myself"
You might say there is little hope
in pearly gates and streets of gold
You might say that I'm just too blind
and I can't see how much I miss in life
You might say the only way that's real
is to walk by sight and do what I feel


Don't wanna be the servant of sin
Don't wanna be corrupt within
and if I must give up thw world
So be it, AMEN


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All Rights Reserved.


1. What It's Like...(Available Now!!)
2. What It's Like 2 (Coming Soon)
3. Rather Be Free -- Single
4. Let Da Rhythm Praise
5. New Jack Gospel
6. New Jack Gospel v.2 (coming April 05)
7. What It's Like 3:27 (Coming July 05)

Set List

Typical Set: 4 to 5 songs
Typical Songs:
1. New Life Remix
2. Someday
3. Secret Place (cover)
4. He is God (cover)
5. Everlasting
6. Betta Everyday
7. All About Me
8. Rather Be Free
9. We Are One (cover)