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So Worthy ft. R-Swift Dj Morph (International) 2008
That Girl R-Swift (Anthem) Cross Movement Records 2009
Good Life Humble Tip (About Business) 2009
Psalmizt (Full Album) Life In Christ 2010



As a child, Psalmizt was taken to church every Sunday, and not just for one service but for two. During the church services he would say all the right things and clap in the right places, but his heart was not submitted to the Lord. Before Christ, Psalmizt was heavily involved in the secular Hip Hop culture from the way he spoke to the way he dressed. After some years had passed, the Lord really started to deal with his heart and that was when he realized he was a sinner, the Lord died to pay for his sins, and it was impossible for Psalmizt to do so on his own. After he understood this, his heart was completely turned towards the Lord,
and he decided to head to Bible College where he would study for 4 years.
Psalmizt went to Bible College in Lancaster, and during his time at Bible College, he met a student by the name of Brady Goodwin Jr.; some people know him as Phanatik from The Cross movement. Brady took a liking to Psalmizt and invited him to breakfast one morning. Psalmizt had no idea that Brady was a rapper. Psalmizt remembers Brady asking him whose music was he a fan of in the world (or you can say
he asked him what secular artist’s music did he like) and his answer was “Jay-Z.” After breakfast, Phanatik took Psalmizt to a Christian book store and suggested that he buy Da’ T.R.U.T.H’s album. He told him that he would really enjoy it, and in addition to that, Brady insisted that Psalmizt should buy
his album so he purchased Brady’s (Phanatik) album as well. This was the first time Psalmizt had heard Christian hip hop; prior to that, he did not know that this type of music existed.
Pzalmizt was excited to see Christians taking an art form and using it to bring glory to God. This sparked something in his heart that made him want to pursue urban Christian music. Five years later, Psalmizt has become an ordained Youth Minister and he works with youth everyday. He will be releasing his first album entitled “Life in Christ”, and the music on this album gives an accurate depiction of what the life of a believer should look like.