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psalters is a collective of musicians and artists who live in intentional community, nomadically on the highways of america. The project is commited to creating new worship music that is focused on God's justice and crying out to Him in the midst of exodus by siding with the refugee, the poor and the other voiceless ones. their musical styles are inspired by those cultures and people groups who have gone through an exodus (such as the jews, gypsies, africans etc.) the project desires to combine the traditional ethnic music of oppressed peoples with the underground sound of the american music scene to create a new transformative psalm that remembers the past and cries out to change the future.


we are all lepers here

Written By: psalters

e are all lepers here overcome by our fear of pain let us remain....numb
too real we can not feel our hands already froze holding our bloodless hearts ...dear
pumping liquified apathy through our veins hands frozen to heart now we can hold
nothing else but the soothing lack of pulse still beating us we are all lepers here
take us to the underground where i know You are found i fear we're goin sane way up here
this is where we long to be insane unsanitaries
hated by all thos hating (the Way and Truth and Life)
Flood us with Fire consume with Your raging Waters to keep us breathing give us Your feeling
Flood us with Fire consume with Your raging waters to keep us bleeding (breathe Life)


Written By: psalters

(Intro in Farsi saying that "God you are my Beloved and no matter what happens i want nothing more than to stand next to You")
broken bodies lie soaking ashen ground
empires within and out crushing the refugees
no one is left to fight for them but you and me
and the One we say we love is with them bleeding red that ground

the armies of evil we made are now surrounding
and so we run to hide ourselves and leave the bleeding
saving ourselves we leave the Saviour of refugees
run back to Him run back to those struggling

Banner wave high for the lowly
wave the suffering Chi Rho
stand with your Love of long ago
run with Him to fight the shallows we all know

Banner You are all the lowly
and for those mourning you alone are Home we
stand with You as the armies crush Thee
run to You as Your Blood covers even these

Banner wave high for the lowly
wave the suffering Chi Rho
stand with your Love of long ago
run to those suffering if you Love Him then worship Him there that is where He is found....
He's the Home....for refugees

Ol' Glory

Written By: psalters

the killing fields are striped with red, white lies in between, while on a placid blue they float like islands safe from all they sowed beneath.
high above that poor man's toil they lay in sacred isolation. safely placed in rows they are stars of self-preservation...
and on good friday....all that glory, all that ol' glory ...
in that corner sea serene 50 stars line up against you, flying high but they will sink with the weight of a heavy millstone.
no man is an island no man can run from all they've done. in that deep blue they'll sink...fifty stars never to see the sun...
and on good friday all that glory, all that ol' glory belongs alone to You


prayers to be- 1998
Sya A Ku-2000
Inside an evil axis-2002
Us vs Us-2004
Patrin #4 (live album)-2005
the Divine Liturgy of the Wretched Exiles - 2006

Set List

typical set is 1 hour to an hour and a half.
Last tour's set:

1. The Lord's Prayer-intro/exploso
2.El Elyon
3.Dumpster divers
4.Apostle's Creed
5. the sword
6. we are all lepers here
7.Backstreets of Cairo
8.Train de Vie
9. turn me round
10. Ol' Glory
11. Poor Wayfaring stranger/Better is one day
12. Banner
13. Home for refugees