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Pseudo Slang

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Pseudo Slang has been described as the thinking man's hip hop (David Jakubiak - Chicago Sun Times), which along with a distinct jazz-influenced sound, is what sets PS apart from the hip hop you're used to hearing. PS is wrapping up their full-length "We'll Keep Looking" to be released on Fat Beats.


Pseudo Slang (Emcee Sick, Tone Atlas) signed with Fat Beats Records in 2005 after having independently released their Catalogue compilation with Baby Steps Hip Hop in 2004. The Slangers toured the US, Canada and Denmark in 2006, and extensively through the US in 2007. Pseudo Slang has pretty much wrapped up the recording of their debut album, "We'll Keep Looking" which features Vinia Mojica, Grap Luva, DJ Cutler, DJ Tommee, Third and more. The lead single "Broke & Copasetic," which features Vinia Mojica is out and available in stores! Check out Pseudo Slang dot com for more Music, Tour Dates, and randomness...


Pseudo Slang "Catalogue" (CD) Baby Steps Hip Hop - 2004
Pseudo Slang "Broke & Copascetic" (12" Vinyl Single) Fat Beats Records - 2006
Pseudo Slang "Thank God It's Not Another Mixtape" (CD) Baby Steps Hip Hop - 2007

Set List

The Pseudo Slang's typical set is 45-90 minutes