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The best kept secret in music


"Finding there Way"

The Tallahassee-Thomasville based band PSG features an eclectic mix of reggae, funk and metal.

ALBANY — It's just after 9:30 p.m. on a recent Friday night and the members of the band PSG are unloading cases of instruments from a white trailer behind the State Theater in Albany.It's a bit of a drive from Thomasville and Tallahassee, Fla., to Albany and all these guys have multiple day jobs to work before getting on the road.

That doesn't stop the four — Mike Nicolay, Joe Demerit, Kevin Johnson and Shannon Storozyszyn — from exuding the energy you would expect from guys in a band that has been the opening act for bands such as Skindred,Sevendust,Mushroom Head,Dope,Shinedown, Opiate for the Masses and Drowning Pool.

"There are things in the way, but everybody's dedicated enough to make it happen," explained Storozyszyn.

That dedication involves traveling between Tallahassee and Thomasville for practices; Nicolay and Johnson live in Thomasville while Storozyszyn and Demerit live in Tallahassee.

"We try to help each other out," Demerit said. "We'll take money out of the band's fund if somebody needs money for gas."

"We will?" Johnson asked jokingly from nearby.

It's that jovial rapport between the band members that can't help but keep the band as a unit while they juggle busy personal lives on the side.

The original PSG — was formed by Nicolay, who plays guitar, and Johnson, the band's lead singer, along with several other musicians who started playing gigs in Tallahassee Aug. 8, 2003.

Today, with Demerit playing the six-string bass and Storozyszyn on drums, the band plays bookings in Valdosta, Tallahassee, Albany, Jacksonville, Orlando, Gainesville, Fla., Mobile, Ala., and Tampa, to name a few.

Early this month, PSG is planning to release its debut full-length CD, "Find Your Way," produced by Millennium Records and recorded at Earthsound Studios in Valdosta by Lee Dyess.

The band says the CD's title is a reflection of its music because so much of the material the band plays focuses on finding your way in life.

As for the group's sound, ranging from head bobbing funky to head banging rock in a few short chords, its songs make for an eclectic mix that reflects a generation of music fans with a wide span of music interests.

"I always say it's like a mix of Bob Marley, Pantera, '70s porn music and Jägermeister," Demerit said of the band's sound.

And if all those influences sound a bit chaotic, the band said its performances can be a bit riotous as well.

"In our stage show, everybody is 100 percent," Demerit said.

The band compares its performances to "a full-contact sport," where band members have been known to get smacked in the face on occasion.

In the end though, it's the cathartic effect of music that the memebers of PSG hope to bring to their audiences more than their on-stage antics.

"The main thing is we want people to come out and forget about everyday things," Storozyszyn said.

And judging from the slew of comments on the band's Web site, praising a recent performance in Albany, the band is hitting its goal.

"In the end it's all positive," Demerit said.

- Elsbeth Russell

"PSG Rocks"

PSG is; Kevin Johnson – vocals, Mike Nicolay – guitar, Kevin Johnson – vocals, percussion, Joe Dematt– bass, and Shannon Storozyszyn– drums. This up and coming band is from Thomasville, Georgia and has influences ranging from Bob Marley to Soulfly. The group brings a well-needed breath of fresh air to the music industry by setting themselves apart from the genres of today’s music and creating their own sound combined with Reggae, Funk, and Hard Rock. PSG has a truly unique sound that will soon be recognized by many.As the years have progressed PSG has evolved into what is now a group of seasoned stage performers with a large and growing fan base. These talented musicians recorded their debut demo cd entitled “40 ounces & a BBQ” at Earthsound Studios in Valdosta, Georgia. After hearing the completed demo, Clear Channel Radio Station, X101.5, based out of Tallahassee, Florida featured PSG on the newly released “Locals Only 4” compilation cd. Real Rock 97.3 based out of Albany, Georgia as well as several other regional stations have also added the single “40 ounces & a BBQ” to their playlists.

- Jamie Gordon A.K.A Uncle Metal

"PSG Metal"

If you haven't seen this band yet...what the hell are u waiting for?? PSG is so full of energy and great music that you dont know what to do...i have had the pleasure of hearing them on several different occasions, and i have to say that not one time was i disappointed.They love to perform live, and feed off of the energy of the crowd...the more you give to them, the more they give back to you. The lead singer, Kevin is incredibly adorable, and talented...he can sing anything, and has a sound all his own. I cant compare him to anyone...he's in a league all his own. The bassist Joe is what i would like to think of as a "shy" person, but plug him into an amp, feed him a lil beer, and its on..this guy gets wild as hell poppin those strings everywhere. Mike, the lead guitaristreminds me of the hair band days..he can rock the hell out of that dimebag special. he plays a little funk , a little metal, and a little reggae...i love his hair...and i love to watch him play. he really has a passion for his work. The drummer is one of the best i have ever heard...he throws down on those mapex drums like there is no tomorrow...he has a unique sound, and really has a passion for playing. this guy loves what he does, and u can tell does what he loves... if u listen long cant help but headbang.
Im telling u people...if u have not caught a PSG show need to. just give them a chance to turn you on, and i guarantee you that u will be hooked. go ahead listen...i DARE you!
- Billie


Still working on that hot first release.


Feeling a bit camera shy


As the years have progressed PSG has evolved into what is now a group of seasoned stage performers with a large and growing fan base. These four musicians recorded their debut E.P. cd entitled 40 ounces & a BBQ. After hearing the completed E.P.,X101.5 and Real Rock 97.3 as well as several other regional stations added the singles 40 ounces & a BBQ and Live the Life to their playlists.

The band has returned to Earthsound Studios with Lee Dyess behind the control panel to record 10 new tracks which will be included on their follow up debut full lenght cd due to be released in late December of 2006.

This year alone PSG has opened for such National acts as Sevendust, Shinedown,Skindred, Cold, Opiate For The Masses, Apartment 26, Stuck Mojo.PSG has also toured with Drowning Pool, Mushroom Head and Dope as support for Jager Tours in 2006

In June of 2004 PSG became an official Jagermeister sponsored band. The sponsorship, and excitement of Jager has been wonderful, and PSG feels lucky to have them as part of their.Since then, more sponsors have also decided to show their support of PSG as well.Sponsors such as: Level27 clothing, Letiz Music, In Tune Guitar Pics, and Red Bull.

With many performances and miles behind them, and 2006 straight ahead, PSG looks to broaden their horizons and establish a place for themselves and their unique sound within the music community.PSG would like to thank all of their fans for the continued support. Without you, the music would surly die.