Think of yourself as being a movie and you had to declare your own personal theme music/soundtrack, then you would have the PsiVamp Experience. Whether dancing on the dance floor or sitting at home with friends, PsiVamp drives "the mood" so you can "feel" the music.


PsiVamp is a long running phenomena in the electronica genre ranging from Techno/Trance, Industrial, Ambient, to Goth. The CyberGoth and Graver crowd is his directed focus on live performances but he has the ability to switch genres based on the environment and crowd interaction, resulting with the mainstream public also enjoy his live shows as well as recorded material

Influenced by the visualizations of Pink Floyd and the musical composition of The Alan Parsons Project he began to bleed over into a KMFDM/Juno Reactor type feel, with very deep pounding bass, omnious sounds from the deepest part of your soul and emotional driven melodies.

Since 2000 PsiVamp has composed based on personal experiences and stories from friends, and in some cases has been the backdrop inspiration for up and coming electronic artist, by setting trends, and a pace in the field of technology enhancements to create a better "soundtrack" and "feeling".


2001 The Darkness Within

2002 The Kindred

2004 Doppelganger

2006 NeckroLust

2007 Necrogravercon

Set List

Typical set list is usually 45 minutes to 3 hours (taking a short break).
Psi's music is all original with exception of a couple of covers ranging from Led Zepplin, to Pink Floyd, as well as Prodigy. All Covers have been rewritten to accomidate Industrial Dance.