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P.SO the Earth Tone King

Buffalo, NY | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | INDIE

Buffalo, NY | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2014
Solo Hip Hop EDM




"Experience The Vision of Greatness With P.SO the Earth Tone King"

Hip-hop, as you very well know, is a universally beloved, intergalactically accepted culture that encapsulates the beats, rhymes and lives of those who are a part of the culture. For New York’s own, P.SO the Earth Tone King, his passionate connection to rap and hip-hop have taken him around the country and have enabled him to rap alongside some of the most brilliant MCs in the game. As a member of the AOK Collective and Hunger Division, P.SO has expelled rhymes that showcase his interests (movies, comic books), his style and his gravitas (Gateway to Greatness).

Now, the exemplary emcee is building up for his next level up, as he is showcasing his lyrical dexterity on the cut, “Dark Matter[s],” which also features production by 2 Hungry Bros. While you press play to listen to the exclusive cut below, please also read up on this week’s First Look Friday subject, as he talks about his origin story, questions how he can help relieve the stress + trauma experienced by today’s victims of police brutality and shares his most daunting obstacle that he’s overcome.

A talented wordsmith and songwriter, P.SO has had plenty of time to prepare for this moment in his growing career. Without any further ado, allow us to introduce you to P.SO the Earth Tone King and enjoy his newest record, “Dark Matter[s]”. Enjoy!.....

— - OkayPlayer.com

"P.SO, 2 Hungry Bros. & LiKWUiD Re-Up For "American Apartheid""

P.SO the Earthtone King and 2 Hungry Bros. bring along LiKWUiD for “American Apartheid.” The track serves as a cathartic release to speak on the consistency of America’s racism. P.SO takes some lines to reflect on his role in today’s cultural landscape while LiKWUiD contributes some bars to tell an anecdote of being pulled over by the police. 2 Hungry Bros. lace the effort with a dark, piano-driven soundscape for P.SO and LiKWUiD to share their sentiments. Listen above.

HiPNOTT Records in unison with 2 Hungry Bros., P.SO and LiKWUiD will be releasing a series of their musical treats on select Tuesdays for you listening pleasure. Stay tuned! - HipHopDX


After dropping a slew of singles last year, LiKWUiD teams up with HiPNOTT production duo 2 Hungry Bros, for her HiPNOTT Records debut album, Fay Grim. Along with today's announcement, the NYC (by way of South Carolina) MC unleashes her new video for the P.SO and Donwill assisted video, "Hold That (Faybles)".

In the spirit of letting go of negative energy, toxic relationships and flakey individuals, "Hold That (Faybles)" offers an escape plan for folks who are just ready to move forward in 2017. Tired of being outcasted, misinterpreted or just shut out by your peers? Then here is the gateway to redirecting that energy back to the source...hold that! The 2 Hungry Bros lend their magic by providing a melodic canvas with signature heavy alternating drums and sinister deep loops and chops.
DETAILS - UnderGround HipHop

"5 Extremely Underrated Hip-Hop Albums"

More Jelly, the follow up album to P.SO and 8thW1's critically acclaimed Suicide by Jellyfish. More Jelly features great hip-hop, plain and simple. The AOK Collective squad left their mark all over this album with features from Homeboy Sandman, Fresh Daily, Senor Kaos and more. This project has a Jazz influence mixed in with a dash of Pop, creating a truly unique style. Then again, if you know anything about P.SO, then you know originality is something he never lacks. P.SO is one of the coolest emcees around, no questions asked. He makes comic book references, speaks with a certain bluntness (on certain tracks) that you can't help but enjoy. He has been putting out great music for a while now and unfortunately, he still seems to come just short of nudging into the next level. His projects have only gotten better, however, More Jelly stands out among the rest of his catalog for keeping the same unconventional sound as its predecessor did, only improving his lyrics and using better production. P.SO is the kind of guy that everyone should be listening to, let's hope that one day, everyone does listen to him, he deserves it. - Under Cover Album Reviews

"Gateway to Greatness (Graphic Novel)"

Dr. Jay's - Dr. Jay's

""Gateway to Greatness" Album Review"

"Gateway to Greatness" Album Review - REFINED HYPE

""More Jelly" review"

Can an underground NYC hip hop artist be critically acclaimed? Can he have a reputation that precedes him to the point where downloading a free mixtape offering from him is a no-brainer? Yes, if he is P.SO (formerly P. Casso), the A-OK Collective member following up his sonic gem Suicide By Jellyfish with, what he calls his “last free project,” the aptly titled, “More Jelly”. - Birthplace Magazine


2DOPEBOYZ.COM shows love to P.SO the Earth Tone King - 2DOPEBOYZ.COM




HipHop Heavyweight website, NAHRIGHT.COM shows love to P.SO - NAHRIGHT.COM

""For Your Consideration"- Album Review"


Despite being called For Your Consideration, there isn’t much to consider at all: this album is extremely good. Period. Enter P.CASSO, an insightful and witty emcee, who can flow like a sax solo. Originally from Buffalo, it was on the grimy streets of Blo City where he honed his craft. His skills were further sharpened in the burgeoning Rochester scene while he earned a college degree along side mic titan and future collaborator Emilio Rojas. Now repping Brooklyn, P.CASSO has been making waves with NYC’s AOK Collective. His verbal dexterity alone should be enough, but the real treat is how well he can tailor his nibble rhymes for any given beat.

Topically, P.CASSO runs the gauntlet from politics, to poverty; from women, to those friends we all have who drink like women. Regardless of the matter at hand, P.CASSO never strays too far from his own narrative. As a result, For Your Consideration maintains a personal feel, keeping it interesting the entire way through. Imagine an underground—and more humble—version of Late Registration. That LR comparison extends to the musical vibe of the album as well. The production is highly musical and melodic, giving FYC a legitimate potential for serious mass appeal. While there is some clear attention given to commercial sensibilities, the production is all executed in a way that won’t offend the beat snobs. (Trust me.) With balance like that, it’s no wonder he demands that “somebody please tell Kanye I’m on his heels.” ‘CASSO did the majority of tracks himself, armed with a keyboard and an ear for unusual samples. Be it his own beats or those he collected from others, For Your Consideration features a wide range of diverse soundscapes, yet maintains a tight, cohesive feel. The play between musical diversity and cohesion is the biggest force behind this album’s triumph.

Guess spots on the mic include several members of the AOK Collective. Crew head honcho Fresh Daily lends a hand on “SIMSIMSALLABIM!” and “Exclusive” (also featuring Skyzoo,) while the ladies of Nola Darling complement the DJ Spinna track “Ghost Story.” Meanwhile, Homeboy Sandman (The Source - Unsigned Hype) and Tonya Morgan’s lead batter Von Pea help P.CASSO pummel “Best in Show,” a scowl-inducing track from Deep (of the 2 Hungry Bros .).

- M. Steve Hammer - OKAYPLAYER.COM

""Earth Tones"- Mixtape Review"


P.Casso’s free downloadable mix tape, Earth Tones, is mind-blowing. Every song splashes a sound embodying the vibrant color of its title.This probably explains the different colors mentioned throughout the album such as “SAND Clock Cleansers” feat. Homeboy Sandman and “OCHRE Wood Wear” feat. Mickey Factz and Fresh Daily. On the former Homeboy Sandman’s ill rhymes and insane flows bring all of the lyrics to pinpoint perfection. Musically, the song “BURNT SIENNA” is the embodiment of the instrumentally driven, unique approach of the album, while a soft mixture of progressive and strong beats gives “PUMPKIN D-Day” a long lasting impression as the album’s final track.

Overall, the Earth Tones has a mix of old school hip-hop and rock influences as well as a hint of progressive music. The different combinations can be seen in songs like “DARK UMBER Mr. Hollywood Remix” feat. Senor Kaos, which has a classical piano playing in the background.

Earth Tones, as a whole, exemplifies a different, creative approach. Do not underestimate the obscurity of the concept of the album’s title or its song’s names, the sound is irrevocably out of this world.

You can download the album for free at: http://www.zshare.net/download/5841809507de805c/
Label: High Water Music

- Deysi Barzallo - Beyond Race Magazine

"Get to know P.CASSO (P.SO)"

While out partying with DJ Get Live at the weekly HomeBase NYC bash at bOb’s, TONY ran into AOK Collective member P. Casso. Gearing up for a show down the block, the Earthtone King caught us up on his latest mixtape release, Earthtones, speaking about the concept behind the record and what he’s trying to bring to his eclectic crew and New York hip-hop in general. P.So also spoke about how “Mr. Hollywood,” the lead single off his first major release, For Your Consideration, helped him secure his deal with High Water Music.
Check out the video above, and don’t miss Earthtones, available now for free download.

Read more: http://www3.timeoutny.com/newyork/thevolume/2009/06/exclusive-video-get-to-know-p-casso/#ixzz0W7ngU6Qo - Time Out New York

"URB Next 1000"

Alex “P.Casso” Ampadu wants to redefine hip-hop. And that’s no easy task. As part of the AOK Collective—comprised of rappers Fresh Daily, Homeboy Sandman, 8thW1, Nola Darling, 2 Hungry Bros. and Print—the Buffalo-to-Brooklyn transplant is finally looking to step out on his own. His debut album, For Your Consideration ..., finds the whimsical wordsmith in good company, with appearances from VonPea, Ejukashun and AOK members. Lauded as one of the next big players to blow from New York, his clever wordplay and intricate illusions merit comparisons to rap veterans Q-Tip and Common. There’s no denying it: P.Casso is a key player in turning the underground movement into an overground hip–hop renaissance. Just remember who told you first.

http://www.urb.com/promotions/next1000/profile.php?BandId=1282 - URB Magazine

""For Your Consideration"- Album Review"


Have you ever found yourself in a contemplative mood, yearning for some music you can vibe to in order to have a backdrop for your thoughts? You go grab an album to put on, start relaxing, but then realize that your musical catalogue isn't very conducive to getting you into states of deep thought. With P. Casso's debut album, For Your Consideration, that won't be a problem any longer.
Filled with mellow, Jazz and Classical-influenced instrumentals that rely heavily on a backdrop of soothing piano riffs for melodic lines, For Your Consideration is a laid back compilation of songs you can chill out to. However, be ready to do some thinking when you hear the album, as P. Casso makes it a point to touch on some serious subjects. The title track alone references such subjects as Nelson Mandela and apartheid, Sean Bell, and "rush[ing] the government for every cent they owe to us." Despite the subject matter, the track is refreshing and sends a rush of lively energy through your ears. This same sort of approach is utilized again in "Do You Wanna Come Home", a track sending out the question to people such as soldiers in Iraq. Leaving out a catchy chorus for some classic cuts and scratches, the title of the track says it all.
Other high points of the album include the serious "I Gotta be Me" featuring Education, which blends the story of Casso's past, family dynamics, and the details of a young girl's struggles to grow up over a mellow, piano-laced instrumental. P. Casso's love for music is apparent in this track, where he explains how his father supported his education far more than his music career, and Casso made the decision to follow his passion and put the music first. A less somber-sounding strong point of the album comes in the form of a bonus track entitled "Exclusive" - with a fairly simple drum line giving classical music a street sound, the beat lays the perfect backdrop for bars of braggadocio.
Weaknesses are found in tracks such as "SIMSIMSALLABIM!", where an instrumental that sounds somewhat like Clipse's "Grinding" mixed with some hyphy seems out of place in the context of the album. "Mr. Hollywood," for which P. Casso filmed a video, gets bogged down by a tiring hook. "One of These Nights" and "What You Gonna Do" (featuring Rhyson Hal) suffer from a lack of that certain something that will cause you to remember the song a few days later. Rhyson Hal said it best on "What You Gonna Do" when he said, "bring the beat back and relax as we vibe." For Your Consideration is the perfect album to play on those days when you don't want to hear harsh noise, but don't quite want to be left in silence either. - HIPHOPDX


Still working on that hot first release.



Discontent with merely creating the hip-hop flavor of the month, P.SO The Earth Tone Kings latest creative undertaking is designed to stand the test of time- no matter what cruel fate may fall to planet Earth in the near future.

Nearly two years in the making, The Gateway to Greatness is P.SOs otherworldly album & graphic novel combo designed to give fans a completely original experience.

After taking a musical hiatus to refuel creative juices, the Buffalo, NY emcee recognized multiple divisions within the rap genre and immediately recognized an opportunity to craft a truly cohesive project that blends different styles into one focused sound.

There are so many "pockets" and styles of rap its difficult for some fans to relate to some of the emerging sub-genres. I designed Gateway to bridge these gaps, says P.SO.

Aiming to deliver a substantial contribution to the culture, The Gateway to Greatness includes such standout tracks as the popular Find Out, the self-produced, hard-hitting Black Holes, and the airy, ethereal Floating featuring Denitia Odigie.

I want fans to think of Gateway as an experience, not just an album, P.SO explains. When you add the graphic novel and the eventual set of videos, there will be a lot of content to consume.

That graphic novel P.SO speaks of is the 45-page collaboration with talented illustrator Anway Morse that coincides with the tracks on the album. The first chapter will be available in the digital booklet of The Gateway to Greatness.

Set in an alternative New York setting, the story centers around a starving comic book artist who discovers elements of the supernatural that ultimately turn his world upside down. Featuring both color illustrations as well as black and white graphics, the novel uniquely alternates color palettes as the protagonist enters the two different worlds.

P.SOs intentions are to appeal to all types of fans, even those not familiar with comic book fiction. In fact, the technologically savvy Earth Tone Kings latest work could serve as a prized archeological discovery should the planet face an untimely Armageddon.

I became a little disappointed and disinterested with the music scene, P.SO admits. I knew that if I was going to continue as an artist, I had to do something special, something epic. I didn't want to just paint a picture; I want to build a museum.

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