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Platinum Season (LP) - 2003 - Platinum Globe Entertainemnt

The Moment Of Truth (LP) - Coming Soon - Platinum Globe Entertainment


Feeling a bit camera shy


The Platinum Status Superstars are comprised of two members, Chris"Kartier"Williams,and Eric"God's Gift"Johnson, have been homeboys since the 6th grade, thats a decade. They began rapping as a group seriously 5 years ago. Kartier was born into music, with his father being a musician, and has been making beats since a child. Over the years he has seasoned his craft and created his own style and has evolved into one of the best Producers in the industry. He is also a very good artist.

God's Gift was fresh off atheletic competition and the streets when they started the group, and was rough around the edges. Overtime he has grown into one of the music businesse's most creative minds,and is a great writer of all forms of music. In the future he will prove that he is argueably one of the best artists the industry has to offer. After doing their own shows and setting up their own events at only the age of 16, the gourp decided they needed to make a move that would bring their music to the masses. So they decided to hook up with a great business mind and natural hustler in Eric"Ruffian"Mbiu,from Kenya. The plan was for Ruffian to invest in the group and help them to land a deal with a label. But once they began the recording process on their debut album, and Ruffian realised the potential of the group, all involved decided to just create their own label with Ruffian taking the title of President and CEO. Over the past 4 1/2 years they have been steady building an empire that is destined for success. They have been state to state doing shows across the south in packed Venues from Las Vegas,Nevada to Miami,Florida. They have did radio interviews and have enjoyed radio airplay, been featured on the morning news, did in store signings, dropped mixtapes and an album. They have been summoned to Miami to do meetings with major labels. They have had talks with Reps from many different major labels. With the music business it is all about putting yourself in the best position for success, and they are well on their way to the top. You also have to take care of your business, and waiting on the best opportunity is better than settling for something less than what you are worth.

The group is currently working on their next album titled "The Moment of Truth" which will display a wonderful evolution of what we know as rap music, and let the world know they are a major player in the game for many,many years to come. They just opened their own recording studio with state of the art equipment, and in the next days, few weeks, months, and years you will be hearing alot from PSS and Platinum Globe Entertainment, so stay tuned. You are looking at the future of music.

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