PS The Rebels

PS The Rebels

 Dallas, Texas, USA
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World Revolution thru music. Africans living in America making positive music to elevate minds and encourage people to a more, free thinking world. Local and global conditions faced by people worldwide destined a music movement aimed at encouraging growth through personal empowerment.


Two African artists Pihon & SamUiLL "PS the Rebels" were founded in 2006 . These Kenyan born emcees have "defined themselves as one of the most unique representations of Hip-Hop groups since the early to mid 90s. PS the Rebels "Pihon & SamUiLL" found a mission and a basis for their music and decided to embark on a revolutionary movement that would disrupt current divisions among the people based on religion, politics, history books, racism and socioeconomic injustices. Versatile lyrics from topics such as revolution, political awareness to stories of everyday life in the struggle & relationships provide listeners with an ability to relate on every level.
Messengers have existed in every civilization and culture, Pihon is today's. Influenced by a skilled set of veteran hip hop greats such as Canibus, Tupac, Saigon, Royce da 5'9 as well as the genius contributions of musical great Michael Jackson, Pihon displays an exclusive talent for effectively combining complex rhyme schemes & unparalleled flow.
SamUiLL is proof that only something extraordinary occurs when two worlds collide. Blending an unrivaled mix of thought provoking lyrics, soulful sounds, and eclectic beats listeners are entertained and edutained. Early influences from Bob Marley, Michael Jackson, The Roots to 2-Pac provide the foundation for the melodious, rhythmic and revolutionary vibrations that create the original sound of SamUiLL.

PS The Rebels use music as an opportunity to create awareness for the betterment of Africans especially for the future of it's children in social, political and economic development.
Audiences find PS The Rebels to be the definitive mixture between entertainment and awareness. As guests at every major area summer stage and festival, PS The Rebels keep the hip hop heads thinking about the words while nodding to the beats and always wanting more.
PS The Rebels have opened for artists such as : Kendrick Lamar, Slaughterhouse, Immortal Technique, Killer Mike, Homeboy Sandman, Erykah Badu, Brand Nubian, dead prez, Special Ed, Pharoahe Monch, Jean Grea,  Dorrough, Elaine, Brother Ali and more.



Written By: PS the ReBels

Dear to whom ever that it may concern,
The way it hurts made these Afrikans spit crazy words.
the tables turn,

And now we eating is the main concern,
you had your turn now pass the torch, we make it burn,
a revolution in progress

Electrocute em with content,
Hot enough to make the paper burn,resolution to conflict,
Is paper chasin first, n introduce you to conscious

Yo Aint you just tired of being conned? shit,
with all of the nonsense, the greed, hate,
even the broadcast TV bring, music and all plant in our seeds brains.
The next generation will start right where we leave man.

And so each day meditate,
mentally train to refrain, from these streets police chase
caprice plates down the freeway, immigrant aliens from deep space
two man army brigade, bringin that heat wave,

And leave a body decayed. With lyrics that put you in a figure four,
with four fingers freakin pens and vividly paint figures of peace and war.
Don't believe it all, fist in the air as I'm speakn for,
the struggles of people from Afrika to Ecuador.

To Dallas and across the audience,
To countries where we cant afford a pot to piss,
Only carnage an anomaly so ominous,

And if its probably not obvious,
We products of our environment.
Sincerely yours,
PS the ReBels

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The GREAT Migration EP (Coming Soon)

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