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Belfast, N Ireland, United Kingdom

Belfast, N Ireland, United Kingdom
EDM Techno


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Ones To Watch - Psycatron"

As the trend for chunky techno continues to replace the previous minimal zeitgeist, Northern Irish duo Psycatron have flourished. Seven years of residencies at legendary nights Shine and Stiff Kitten have seen Paul Hamill and Dave Lievense play alongside many of the biggest DJs in the world, absorbing influences and techniques and honing their craft over the years. They’ve had a smattering of output in previous years, but 2009 has seen them graduate into the big league, with stunning releases on Tronic, Planet E, R&S, Cocoon and Simple all identifying them as amongst the most exciting outfits in the genre.

Their tracks combine relentless energy and groove with bundles of emotion and tension, to make for an all-encompassing sound that is perfect for those big arenas and club rooms. Truly 21st century techno.

This mix was recorded live at a recent Bedrock party, with the duo warming up - it's a deep ride, building to more insistent grooves later on.

Sum up this podcast in 10 words...
Psycatron recorded live at Bedrock Belfast supporting John Digweed in February.

What’s your personal favourite track on it?
The Four Tet remix of Bob Holroyd African Drug - it has the most beautiful arpeggios and the second when we dropped it at Shine the room lit up and all we could see was a sea of hands in the air, it was one of those spine-tingling moments that DJs live for

What’s the special ingredient in this mix?
It's us going deep and chunky on the warm-up with some American deep house crossed over with European stuff like Mirko Loko and Pezzner with a couple of melodic bits thrown in. Typical of the kind of vibe we like to peddle when we're opening a room.

What’s the best gig you’ve played recently?
Of 2011 so far, probably this one, as the atmosphere was amazing right from the moment the doors opened. We kept it nice and groovy and the crowd response was great. It's always super fun warming-up at Shine.

What have you got coming up?
Loads of really cool stuff coming up, we're starting a run of dates next week on the Planet E 20 World Tour which will bring us to Berlin, London, Munich and Madrid among others. We're doing our first Scottish shows in Glasgow and Dundee in April. We're about to announce some really big festivals we've lined-up for the summer which we're also developing a new live AV show for and we're going to debut this at Klubbers Day in Madrid. Later on in the year we'll be doing our first tours of South America and Australia.

On the release front our new EP came out this week on Electric Rescue's Skryptom label, this will be followed by our debut EP on Tresor, remixes for Tronic, Vince Watson and a few more plus we'll be doing follow-ups to our singles with Paul Woolford and Sian.

And finally, do you have a special message for our readers?
Enjoy this trip....

Tracklist: - Data Transmission

"Psycatron & Paul Woolford ' Stolen""

s Paul Woolford the comeback player of the year? I admit that I wasn't sure about him when he came to RA's office in Berlin earlier in 2011 to record an interview for an Exchange series. He felt like an artist who hadn't lived up to the potential of his early successes. But the conversation revealed an open, chatty and thoughtful DJ/producer that I had previously written off. Then there were the mixes—a masterful opening set at Berghain, and a wide-spanning podcast for Fact Magazine—and releases too, like his masterful rework of T. Williams' "Heartbeat" and an underrated 12-inch for Planet E. And now there's this, a new collaboration with Psycatron, a track which is anything but predictable and assuredly one of the year's most interesting records.

Many have lauded the legion of UK bass producers making house music these days for their outward approach. I find the house and techno guys going the other way, however, far more fascinating. Will Saul, Adam Marshall and Woolford, among others, look to be rejuvenated (or, in some cases, simply juvenated) by the musical conversation going on at the moment. If you want to hear the whole thing wrapped up into one blinding tune, though, you need only listen to "Stolen," which makes its way through four separate phases over its nine plus minutes. A slice of breakbeat techno toughness? An analogue Skudge fix? The sweet vocal touch of garage? Some acid for the fridge? It's all here. Even better, it doesn't sound like a complete fucking mess. Far from it.

That confidence in the studio isn't new. The confidence to release a track that doesn't conform to expectations, though, is something I haven't heard from either Woolford or Psycatron in a long while. Woolford claimed that he didn't try to cash in on "Erotic Discourse" in that aforementioned interview by trying to recreate it. Maybe he should have. The beauty of that track is that it was completely unexpected. "Stolen" is too. That's what Woolford and Psycatron should put their chips on from here on forward. Here's hoping they try. - Resident Advisor

"Psycatron - Celestial Symphony"

From the outset it’s clear Christian Smith had some influence over this release. Even if it’s only the fact he owns the imprint that has the pleasure to carry it.
The original steps in with a pretty pounding, basic techno beat. A warbling bassline enters the fray, and soon things are taking on a decidedly space age disco form, with added meat and no cheese on the plate. Genre classics like Substance & Vainqueur’s Emerge 2 spring to mind, such is the relative complexity of the seemingly disjointed dubby cogs at work here, while offset keys make for an addictive hook that wouldn’t dream of letting you go.
As things approach the realms of repetition a whopping great string breakdown lands, taking the sound above from below, and confirming crossover appeal aplenty. What’s better still is that, with a wonderfully stripped intro and outro on either side, it’s clear Irish producers Dave Lievense and Paul Hamill have kept the mix in mind, and their DJ background at the fore of the track’s structure.
Celestial Circuits picks up the pace the A-side left things running at. Obviously, given its name, we’re in rework territory, and this alternative offering throws a little more grit and mechanics in the pot. Frantic, moderately filtered cymbals accompany the core tune, which retains the melody of the first version, albeit with added industry. It’s not long until we’re back hurtling toward the conclusion, this time with the addition of percussive hydraulics to help us get there. We were told this was a timeless piece of Detroit inspired electronic music. After hearing it, we’d be inclined to agree. - Plain & Simple


Still working on that hot first release.



Berlin:Detroit - a musical alliance that resonates deeply with electronic music lovers around the world and has done for the past two decades. Add Belfast to this equation and you have Irish duo Psycatron who have dropped releases on both sides of the Atlantic through Carl Craig's Planet E Communications from Detroit, as well as Berlins' Tresor imprint, while also finding time for the odd excursion on the likes of Scuba's Hotflush Recordings, R&S Records, Cocoon and their own upcoming Inflyte Records, which alongside being a home for their own output, is set to feature material from the likes of Francesco Tristano, Dave Clarke and Kirk Degiorgio in it's opening year.
Their touring schedule has followed a similar global trajectory, touching down everywhere from Fabric to Berghain, The Rex Club and Barracca, to Movement Festival in Detroit, I Love Techno in Belgium and many more of the best clubs and festivals worldwide. In between tours they continue their long-standing residency at Ireland's longest-running techno institution, Shine in Belfast.
With musical influences ranging from Depeche Mode and Kraftwerk to Underground Resistance and Jean Michel Jarre, it's easy to see where the raw emotion, tension and energy prevalent in their music stems from. Being born less than 12 hours apart and subsequently growing up hitting the same techno parties in Belfast, is another common bond that has helped shape the Psycatron sound, where the past clearly influences the future but has an entirely different slant on it.
Touring with Carl Craig and Planet E, ending up on Fact Magazines Top 50 Tracks of the year and performing on London's infamous Boiler Room TV are some of the recent highlights of this duos career who among their fan count you'll find the likes Depeche Mode's Martin L Gore, Francois K and Dave Clarke.