Psychedelic Disco Angels

Psychedelic Disco Angels


Experimental, Beats, D.I.Y., Lo-Fi, Psychedelic, Dub, Rock


Psychedelic Disco Angels are a NY Based Experimental Art Rock Duo. Formed in 2006 in Jersey City.


Row Bong

Written By: Roman Navarro and Meredith Geoghegan

You're gonna find me dead

Been waiting for so long,
Embrace the clouds


"Digital Power" was officially released via bandcamp on April 3, 2013. It contains 8 tracks of experimental space dub art rock.

"Evil House", the first single from the upcoming album "Digital Power", has already received a great review at in August 2009.

"Credito O No Credito" was released March 2007. It contains 16 tracks with over 60 minutes of catchy songs, instrumentals and experimental/ambient noise. The album has received airplay on:

- KALX 90.7 Berkeley College Radio - We were one of the featured new artists for May/June '07

- KAOS 89.3fm Olympia,WA - featured "High Aspirations for Love" and "Fearless Humans" in January '08

- Aural Innovations: Drool Trough Radio - featured "Row Bong" on podcast #63

- Estrogeneration Radio featured "Hot Things Burn" and "Who Would've Thought"

- Atomic Wedgie Radio

- Farmhouse magazine - featured "Row Bong" in their Jan/Feb 08 online release

- The Music Ninja gave "Rowbong" a nice review in "Fresh New Music Edition" July 2009.

Set List

High Aspirations for Love
Hot Things Burn
Oscillator or Cloud
Who Would've Thought
1979 Wanna Be
Row Bong
Psychedelic Disco Tronic
These Days
Circus Dub
Mole the Mere
The Great Communicator
You're Ok Now
Bass and Drum 01
Bass and Drum 02
Hot Potato
Call You Collect
Annie the Night Owl
Sinful Creature