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Psychic Asylum are a progressive teenage rock band,who formed in 2008 after attending "The Rock School" Program in Canberra. Their early years saw them flitting through various styles including: metal, reggae, jazz, funk, hip-hop, and experimenting with various combinations and styles to create their own Psychic Asylum sound.

They have toured through-out of the East Coast of Australia, and have played with various with many well-known interstate bands.

After live shows, many describe our sound as a mixture of Grunge and Hard Rock, with a soft verse thrown in to most songs.

Teiva Jade: The frontman of Psychic Asylum...

Benjamin Drury: The bass player and part-time keyboardist has a unique sound, he likes using effects to fill out the music when the guitar isn't playing. He is currently studying Jazz at the School of Music, and his sound ranges from slow, sliding lines, to fast and funky bass riffs. Benjamin definately adds a certain character to the songs.

Hayden Ross: The quiet little drummer. If you met Hayden on the street, you might think he was a pleasant boy with a good hair cut and a laughing demeanor. But when he plays the drums, people have been known to call him: "animal", "beast" and the classic, "monster". He definately fuels his aggression through his drum sticks, and this feeling comes through in the songs.

These 3 are then fused together to create a unique and impressive sound.


A Song For Jess

Written By: Teiva Jade

A little girl's breathing, shivering, shivering.
She's locked inside, at her home.
A little girl's beaten, how does she know?
How can she grow?

Blistering inside.
Her mind's a temple but her heart is torn apart.
Her body is broken.
Theres no comfort at home anymore.

Wasting myself on you.
Wasting myself on you.

A little girl's weeping, as she goes.
She's leaving you for the last time.
You've taken her brother, she wants to protect him.
But she has to save herself!

Save herself.

Father, protect your daughter.
From the evils of this world, instead you show her.
Mother, don't destroy her.
Instead of love, you forsake her.

Guitar Solo

I'll stop protecting, when you're gone.
I'll stop pretending, when you're gone.

When you're gone...